Julie Fisk Reviews “John Carter”

Julie Fisk, CBSDFW.com
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Taylor Kitsch attends the UK premiere of John Carter at The BFI Southbank on March 1, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – “John Carter” stars Taylor Kitsch from “Friday Night Lights” as a Civil War Captain who is mysteriously transported to Mars during its own civil war.  It is based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who also wrote the “Tarzan” series.

Pre-production on “John Carter” started back in 1931, when they discussed turning it into an animated feature.  Had that happened, it would have beaten Disney’s “Snow White and“ the Seven Dwarfs” as the world’s first animated feature film. Instead, it wasn’t released until this year!

If you’d like, watch the trailer below and find local show times by clicking here, but first hear what KRLD Film Critic Julie Fisk has to say about “John Carter.”

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John Carter Trailer

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  • Elliott

    Julie, I heard your review on the radio this morning. I used to read the JCM comics as a pre-teen and I have to say, if anything, Star Wars was more like JCM that the other way around. According to the book’s cover art, John Carter usually wore nothing more than a harness for a shirt.

  • JulieFisk

    You’re absolutely right Elliot! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ron Gross

    Julie, I would like to expand a little on Elliott’s comment. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote I think 11 books in the Mars series in which John Carter was the main character in most of them. They’re one of the fundamental pillars of modern science fiction writing and by extension science fiction films. Also, check out The Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov for where George Lucas got the ideas for massive ships, planet wide cities and shields etc. People like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Gene Rodenberry stand or stood on the broad creative genius shoulders of authors like Jules Vern, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Isaac Asimov.

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