DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It has become a very popular way to market films – take the show on the road!  They first did it with the TWILIGHT series of films and now the next wave – THE HUNGER GAMES – have embarked on an 8 city mall tour with several cast members to meet and great eager fans.

hunger games Stars Of The Hunger Games In Dallas

Sandie Newton with cast members from The Hunger Games.

Hundreds of passionate fans started lining up at Galleria Dallas this morning as early as midnight of last night (having slept all night in their cars until doors opened at 6am!) just for the chance to grab a glimpse of 3 of the film’s stars who play Peeta, Foxface and Clove.  The youth novels have spawned the much anticipated film that opens March 23rd so smart film executives want to start the frenzy going early – hence the multi city tours.

We talked to some of the lucky 300 fans who received wristbands allowing them an autograph session with the stars and 100’s more who lined the ice rink floor waiting for the 6pm question and answer opportunity open to the general public.  All said these novels are important because the characters are mere mortals – not a vampire or werewolf to be found.  They told us they can relate to these ordinary heroic teens who battle in a reality show like contest of the have and have-nots set in the future.  In fact many critics and fans alike have said the lead character is a futuristic teen Joan of Arc.

The actors told us they also were all big fans of the 3 book series and feel very proud and protective of bringing the story to life on screen.  If the 100’s of screaming fans at today’s event mean anything – watch out TWILIGHT.  There’s a new kid in town!!

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