Police Report Released On AA Flight Attendant Incident

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DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – There are new details today on the incident involving an American Airlines flight attendant who last week began ranting to passengers about 9/11 and their flight crashing.

American Airlines Flight #2332 was about to take off from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Chicago but had to turn around.

Officers responded to the disturbance after the aircraft returned to gate C29.

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The DFW Airport Police report refers to the nature of the call as “mental subject” and lists the description of the complaint as “mental lunacy.”

According to the report, 43-year-old flight attendant Teresa Gayle Green had gotten on the PA system and told passengers the plane was not going to take off before it crashed.

The report said Green had a “mental episode”, was involved in an altercation with several passengers and had ultimately been restrained in the first class section of the plane.

In the report Officer Bernard Hanlon stated that he, “…observed several passengers restraining Ms. Green in the first row, and she was combative, screaming for them to leave her alone. For my safety and the safety of the passengers, and because she was combative and acting irrational, I immediately handcuffed the flight attendant.”

According to police, Green continued to be combative and resisted attempts to be taken off of the plane, but was ultimately removed.

When emergency medical crews were called to the scene Green tried to spit on them and continually attempted to kick police officers. The report said officers ‘had to put her in leg restraints.’

Green was taken to Parkland Hospital for revaluation.

Another flight attendant, who was injured trying to restrain Green, told police her co-worker was being treated for bipolar disorder and had not been taking her medication.

The airline replaced the crew on Flight #2332 and the plane took off for Chicago later that same morning.

Last month Fort Worth-based American Airlines plans to cut 13,000 jobs across the company as part of a restructuring plan. The company is also in ongoing negotiations with unions on labor concessions.


One Comment

  1. grahawk says:

    “revaluation”? How do you “re” if this is the first time?

  2. Elizabeth Barron says:

    How is this report not a violation of the flight attendants right to privacy about a medical condition? The report could have at least given an educated explanation of bi-polar illness, the pain of those who suffer from it, and need for constant medication to lead a normal life. The report I just heard Karen Borta give on TV made it sound as if what happened on that AA flight was somehow a crime. Why would a responsible reporter go to the home of a person who has suffered a medical event for comment? This whole report is unprofessional. News agencies do not release the names of women who are victims of sexual assault to protect the privacy of the victim. How is this situation morally different?

    1. Lynn says:

      Ms. Barron! I totally agree with you. See my post below. This act by CBS 11 was SHAMEFUL and going to this woman’s home was horrifying! This woman committed no crime. She had a medical emergency and CBS11 behaved very badly in releasing her name, her home city and visitng her home. Don’t they understand the concept of PTSD and that it can manifest itself years later? This woman lost a friend but continued flying and her company just left her out to dry by not coming to her defense in this report, Shame on AA and shame on CBS11!


    2. Mimi says:

      She lost her right to privacy when she involved an entire plane full of people in her medical condition by her failure to follow the instructions of her doctor to take her madication. She did this to herself. No one with held her medication, she stopped taking it as prescribed. Most people with this issue do not like the “normal” feeling the medication gives them and so they stop taking it and then they have outbursts like this.

      1. re Mimi says:

        I agree with Mimi. She lost her right to privacy when she put people through the mental aguish of her episode. She chose not to take her medication then she chose to have an outburst. One has a direct affect of the other. Why should a plane full off people have to have compassion for someone whose actions had the ability to be controlled. If she had said those things and then was just escorted off the plane, that would be one thing. Bit the fact that she had to be restrained, injured a coworker, and then proceeded to spit on on people???? At that point my tolerance is spent. She will receive no sympathy from me.

  3. Lynn says:

    Unbelieveable! I do not know this poor flight attendant, but I can’t believe CBS11 demonstrated such poor taste in releasing this woman’s name and where she lives! It was obvious that the flight attendant was having a medical emergency and for you to make prime time entertainment out of it for news ratings is unconscienable! I am disgusted at CBS11 for literally invading this poor women’s medical emergency and releasing the details of it to the public. The story would have been adequate enough if you would have just left her name and the city in which she lives out of it! I realize that the passengers were frightened, but as soon as it became obvious, which was pretty immediate, that this poor woman was having a medical emergency, the story should have stopped there, People have medical emergencies at their place of work all the time and it’s not national news. It was morally and ethically unresponsible of CBS11 and any other carrier who felt it necessary to release this poor woman’s name! BADLY DONE CBS11! BADLY DONE! Absolutely shameful!

  4. Mark says:

    What in the world possessed you folks to publically identify the flight attendant involved and the city where she resides? Yes, I’m sure it was contained in the report from DFWDPS, but couldn’t KTVT have redacted her name before broadcast, like all the other Metroplex stations did? Was her name really necessary for the story? More importantly, doesn’t this lady have enough problems to deal with without being publicly spotlighted? I don’t know her, nor do I work for AA, but you folks blew it.

  5. Mark says:

    My comments above reflected my reaction to having read KTVT’s website, and not having watched their news on TV. Now I learn from the comments of others here that a reporter actually went to her home in an attempt to interview her? How incredibly IRRESPONSIBLE!

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