Teens Crowd Frisco Mall For British Boy Band One Direction

boyband Teens Crowd Frisco Mall For British Boy Band One Direction

A large crowd gathers at Frisco's Stonebriar Centre Mall to see the British boy band One Directon.

FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) – Thousands of fans of the British boy band One Direction showed up at Stonebriar Centre Mall to buy the group’s CD and receive a wrist band to meet them in person and get their autograph.

One Direction is a British group that popped to the top of the charts in 2011 with a hit
single, “What make you beautiful.”

The mall’s Barnes and Noble store hosted the event. The mall doors opened at 7 a.m. Tuesday, but many fans arrived hours before the doors opened. Some slept in their cars in the parking lot overnight.

The original plan was to hand out 1000 tickets. But when the crowd kept growing, another 1000 tickets were added.

Fans started rushing to the doors half an hour before they opened. Once opened, there was pandemonium.

Fans rushed to get in line. Some were hurt. The Frisco Fire Department treated six people for what they say were minor conditions. One person was transported to the hospital.

The band wasn’t even in town for the event.  The meet and greet will be held as part of an acoustic performance on March 24 at 2:00 p.m. A manager with Barnes and Noble said the band will appear inside the mall near Macy’s, where there’s supposed to be more room for everyone.

Stonebriar Mall says they had planned for the crowds. But Frisco police say they were never notified in advance. They say they weren’t called to the scene until citizens called at 6:30 a.m. saying the the crowd was out of control.

Gillian Devout, from Allen, said it was scary. “There was, like, people getting trampled or people on the floor crying, people hurt, people in ambulances” she said.

Devout, who’s 15, waited in line for five hours.

“There’s, like, the gate to get in downstairs. And we were pressed up against it. And I was scared for my life, that when they opened it, we were going to get trampled. But then, they pushed everyone outside,” she said.

Her 16-year-old friend, Taylor Burkhalter, stood with her.

“Me and my friend were the first people at the gate. My face got pushed into the wall, slammed into the wall. Falling down on the floor. It was bad,” she said.

Angela Bibb, one of the adults who witnessed the chaos said, “It was totally out of Control. And, people started getting trampled.”

“Once they rushed the doors. The only people here at that time were mall security. And it was just too much for them to handle. They couldn’t handle it,” she said.

Stonebriar’s Marketing Director, Stacy Schuch, said they had planned for crowds. But the Frisco Police Department says they were never notified about the event in advance.

They say their first indication there may be a problem came at 6:30 a.m. when citizens called to tell them the crowd was out of control.

Police sent a dozen officers. The Frisco Fire Department sent an ambulance and a fire truck. They treated six people. One was transported to the hospital. All were treated for minor conditions.

Fans appeared to leave happy though.

Teriann Favela, of Frisco, was shaking and crying as she held the wrist band that will allow her to see the group in person.  “They’re just amazing boys. And, knowing that I’m going to meet them. I just really happy,” she said crying.

Stonebriar estimated the crowd at 2500 to 3000. The last of the fans picked up their tickets around noon.

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One Comment

  1. Mandy says:

    We spent the night and security was yelling at the crowd all night. It became out of control at 4:00am in the morning. The girls just showed up by the car loads. Around 5:00am parents started dropping girls off everywhere. Those of us who drove and stay up all night had the disadvantage. No organization and yes all the girls ran towards the stairs at 6:30 not to mention running down the stair girls were coming out of every direction. Girls rushed into the mall on to be yelled at and a stampede to make a line was on its way.
    CORRECTION!!! at 10am mall security told everyone in line to leave because there were no more bracelets left for the appearance. Girls were screaming and crying. Report the truth..not everyone was happy. Those that were happy are the girls who sneaked in line and lied their way to the front. My daughter and all the girls around us who waited as instructed left without a bracelet for the appearance. I asked the girls what they learned from this experience and they said to be more aggressive and snak and cut in line no matter what. Of course I tried to reason with them but since they experienced the disorganization chaos and mobbed experience it is difficult when security did not plan for the event especially since the day before on the Today Show in NYC 8000 girls showed up. I spoke to the head of Mall Security and he felt they did everything right. His staff did not have a chance against the mobbed of teenagers. He was there before they let the girls down and he should have had a plan!

  2. Andy Dopheide says:

    The mall security manager felt mall security did everything right? He should be fired. This entire incident could have been avoided by allowing these girls to lineup in orderly fashion the night before the event or giving out numbers to hold places in line until the line is formed later. Mall securitiy spend the entire night before patrolling the parking lot and barking at girls and parents to “get back in your vehicles!”. Everyone was ordered to stay in their cars until the mall doors opened at 7am. Of course there was a mad dash to the doors just before seven. Anyone could have predicted that. These are kids we are talking about. There was no coordination at all between the mall security and Frisco police. There was no Frisco police presence before this incident took place. The mall spokesperson quoted in other stories is misrepresenting the facts. Mall security seemed more interested in projecting authority to a bunch of teens than keeping them safe at an event he mall and Barnes and Noble invited them to. Parents of injured kids, hire a lawyer and try to force changes in how this mall approaches the safety of our kids.

  3. Kimberly Orpin says:

    More tan half of the girls that were in the back of that line were from one of the security guards refusing to let people down the stairs. me and my friend felt really bad for one of the girls we met since she was sent to the very back because of that security guard while we were somewhat close to the front

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