Texans Becoming Immune To Gas Prices

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Jim Kavanagh’s brand-new truck is big and thirsty and he’s just fine with filling it up at nearly $4.00 a gallon. “This is what it is. If you’re going to drive a truck, it’s pretty much what you’re going to pay,” explained Kavanagh.

The Plano resident survived 2008 when the economy tanked and fuel prices spiked. “In 2008, I traded the exact same truck for a BMW that got a lot better gas mileage, but I missed having my truck,” recalled Kavanagh.

Radio talk-show host, Jerry Reynolds gives car advice on his show “The Car Pro.” Reynolds says Americans have become use to higher gas prices. “I think we’ve just gotten immune to it. I think we expect it,” said Reynolds. “I’m seeing people still buying SUVs and pick-ups at a good rate right now,” he added.

According to Autodata, truck and SUV sales rose 32% in February, despite soaring fuel costs. It was the biggest sales jump since before the financial crash of ’08.

Back in 2008, gas was also approaching $4.00 a gallon. “A lot of people did what I call a panic trade. They ran out and got rid of their big cars and got little ones,” said Reynolds.

The talk-show host says this go-around is different because consumers believe gas prices will eventually fall as they did four years ago.

But Matt Gundelfinger of Dallas reminds us that there are those still feeling the pinch at the pump. “It’s painful. I drive a little car most of the time and lately I’ve been having to drive this [SUV] and it hurts,” explained Gundelfinger. “I don’t know if you ever get used to it,” he added.

Fuel analysts say the price of gas could reach more than $4.00 a gallon by this summer.


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  1. Mark says:

    Why are gas prices 30 cents to 40 cents a gallon less in Colorado? When is the public going to say enough is enough?

  2. Donn E. Arnold says:

    The way to help say “enough is enough” is by doing only absolutly necessary driving. As the gas stays in the underground tanks at the gas station longer, they won’t be able to take delivery as often. This will cause the fuel to stay in the tanks at the refinery longer. This will cause the ships at the gulf unloading stations to have to wait longer to unload their fuel. Finally, the Middle East enemies that we buy fuel from won’t be able to ship as much crude as often. That is when the fuel prices fell last year. THIS is the way you show them who the real boss is.

  3. YRofTexas says:

    These dreamers, who don’t “feel” $4 per gallon must me smoking something I have never heard of! When gas prices went over $1 per gallon, I have struggled. The last time this got out of hand, my gas bill was close to $1,000, and that was staying in town, only going to doctor’s appts, grocery and to/fro work. I finally got that bill paid off last June. Now it’s back to nearly $400.

    I’m sick of the politicians of all nations playing oil games, justifying markups, delays, spikes and future speculation. If I could, I’d bicycle, but my disabled husband with his wheelchair just won’t fit. Tired of being at the mercy of those who truly don’t give a flip and live in their ivory towers, looking down on all of us peasants.

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