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rw whitts end Whitts End: 3.16.12

Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

*For those of you ripping the Cowboys for not re-signing receiver Laurent Robinson, stop it. Now. It’s always a good move to spend money on a starting cornerback over a third receiver. Robinson was good last year, but Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are this team’s top receivers and Brandon Carr will be this team’s top cornerback.

*Jason Terry, put a sock in it. I know you think you’re somehow 1A to Dirk Nowitzki’s 1, but we aren’t so sure. You assume your No. 31 is going to be retired and hang from the rafters of AAC, but we aren’t so sure. What we are sure about is that you should stop complaining and start playing. Next year is next year. If you keep talking about “auditioning” for other teams, the Mavs won’t win this year and for certain you’ll be an ex-Mav next season.

*And when Mavs’ GM Donnie Nelson talks of landing a “big fish,” make no secret that he’s talking about Nets’ point guard Deron Williams. And if that happens next summer, the probability of Dwight Howard coming to Dallas in the summer of 2014 increases. But by then Dirk will be ever farther on the downslide.

*Got the privilege of playing Dallas National Golf Club Thursday afternoon. Home course to George Dubya Bush, Buck Showalter, Tom Leppert, Kevin Millwood, Lee Trevino, etc. Initiation fee is a cool $200k. Awesome. Rolling hills and manicured grass like nowhere else in the Metroplex. And, no, I didn’t break 90. Ouch.

*Thursday, for the first time ever, the Dow Jones closed over 13,000, NASDAQ over 3,000 and S&P 500 over 1,400 on the same day. Add that to declining unemployment and … how’s Obamanomics working out for everyone?



*Kyle Orton > Stephen McGee. Hopefully as good as Jon Kitna was in 2010. Hopefully we’ll never find out. Right, Tony Romo?

*After Day 1 of March Madness my bracket is 13-3. Had 12th-seeded Virginia Commonwealth winning and 11th-seeded Colorado winning, but lost UConn, Long Beach State and West Virginia. Of the over 2 million entries to ESPN’s online bracket tournament there are only 13,570 that went 16-0 on the first day.

*Somehow me and Mark Elfenbein are Grand Marshals for this year’s Greenville Avenue/St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Rain or shine, we’re broadcasting from the 105.3 The Fan float at 10 a.m. and partying all day. Just yell at me – or show me something – and I’ll throw you some beads. And since I know my presence in the lead car isn’t enticing enough, The Fan float will feature Fantasy Girls … in body paint. See you there.

*Okay, I admit it. One of my worst habits is talking over people. Being the air-traffic controller on a radio show makes me crowbar conversations into precise time segments. Unfortunately that spills over into my personal life. So if I cut you off in mid-sentence, sorry, had to go to a break. I’m working on it.

*The Dallas Stars are suddenly playing great hockey and will likely make the playoffs. Wonder if any of us will notice?

*This weekend? Today it’s March Madness. Tomorrow it’s the Parade. Sunday, more Madness. love Love LOVE this time of year. Don’t be a stranger.

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