UPDATE: One Arrested In Attack On Sen. Wendy Davis’ Office

By Ryan Crowe, Matt Goodman, Jay Gormley and & Matt Thomas CBSDFW.com

Update @ 9:00 a.m. 3/21/2012: Fort Worth police spokesman Sgt. Pedro Criado says officers have arrested one man in connection with the incident.  We expect to learn more from police at a 10 a.m. news conference they have scheduled.

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – At least one ignited, fuel-filled bottle was left at the foot of the door of State Sen. Wendy Davis’ Fort Worth district offices Tuesday afternoon, a spokesman said.

No one was injured and Davis was not present during the incident.

The device, known as a Molotov cocktail, was thrown at the front door of Davis’ third floor office in the West 7th area near Montgomery Plaza.

542648472 UPDATE: One Arrested In Attack On Sen. Wendy Davis Office

At least one Molotov cocktail was hurled at Sen. Wendy Davis's Fort Worth office on March 20, 2012. This is the aftermath. (Credit: Twitter, @RyanJCormier)

Anthony Spangler, the senator’s communications director, said a staffer reported hearing a large thud at the door, followed shortly by the building’s fire alarm. He said it appeared there was more than one device, but was unsure exactly how many.

“I don’t think anyone is certain whether they were thrown against the door or dropped in front of the door,” Spangler said. “There was a loud thud, which led folks to believe it was thrown at the door.”

Raw interview with Davis’ spokesman Anthony Spangler:

The staffer opened the door to find the bottle spewing waist-high flames. Another staffer then jumped over the fire to escape the building while the other individual doused the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

Spangler says Davis was not at her office and no staffers or other individuals in the building were injured.

“Our office is open to the public all the time and people can come and go freely in the building, as is the case in many government offices,” Spangler said.

fire20bo0mb20door 1 UPDATE: One Arrested In Attack On Sen. Wendy Davis Office

Another angle of Sen. Wendy Davis's firebombed door on March 20, 2012. (Credit: Anthony Spangler, Davis spokesman)

The Fort Worth Fire Department says an arson investigation is now underway. State Troopers and the Fort Worth Police Department are assisting in the investigation.

Witnesses were unable to give a specific description of the suspect, but did say a maintenance worker in the building attempted to stop the person from running away. Spangler was unsure whether cameras captured the act.

He said Davis was briefed on the situation and is safe.

“We quickly made sure her safety was accounted for,” Spangler said. “DPS has been informed and we’re certain her safety is secure at this time.”

In an evening press conference, Davis told reporters that DPS troopers had her under lockdown for nearly four hours until they were sure there was no longer a threat to her safety.

“Our office was a victim of a violent act, which was alarm and very scary for my staff to say the least,” she said. “It’s a sad but true fact of public service that we have to feel concern sometimes for our public safety.”

Davis said her office will be open Thursday morning, as normal.

A valet attendant told investigators he saw a maintenance man chasing another man out of the building shortly after the incident. Police did not immediately release a specific description of a suspect Tuesday night.

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One Comment

  1. Ekim Sregor says:

    And how much does a state Senator earn? Pretty fancy digs…communications director. For a freakin state senator.

    1. John says:

      Ever heard of Google? Or Texas History?

      State Senators make a whopping $7,200 per year. Talk about living large!


  2. Marcus says:

    Yeah, because THAT’S the lesson we should be taking away from this attack. Thank you, sir.

  3. ConorK says:

    State senators earn $7,200 per year. The vast majority of them do it as a public service, even if we disagree with their policies. They deserve our respect.

    1. sumday says:

      respect is earned not given

  4. mjb2002 says:

    Not surprised that Gov. Rick Perry sent one of his operatives out to try to assassinate Sen. Davis because she is a supporter of Planned Parenthood.

    1. I’m a progressive and pro-Planned Parenthood. The chances of this being someone other than a right-wing extremist is probably < .000000000001 percent. But to assert that it's a Rick Perry operative with no basis , please, stop!

  5. twitchy says:

    I can guarantee you this, the suspect will be white and Christian.

    1. limeser says:

      Also, male.

  6. cyn says:

    he might claim to be but christ would not approve. that was not a christian act. that was pure satin

    1. I thought it was pure cotton.

      1. Ozz says:

        Dude, totally wool. Nothing more demonic than wool.

      2. dfwman says:

        Are we forgetting nylon??? HELLO!!

  7. Jane says:

    Once again, someone with a moderate point of view is attacked by the right. And likely by someone who claims to be pro-life. These right-wingers are angry haters and then can call themselves Christians but they are not.

  8. Jim says:

    Christian terrorists strike again.

    1. reen says:

      Ding ding ding!

  9. Loraine Jones says:

    lol, thats jsut too funny dude. You have to admit thats funny.

  10. gzb says:

    i bet it was a Rush Limo ditto head or Zimmerman

  11. jrbstcloud says:

    I’m “Angies list” looking first thing tommorow for someone to dig a 20 ft. moat around my house!…”memo to self: tivo “doomsday preppers”/

  12. Louis Calvin Klein says:

    I can’t help but laugh at all you idiots who wanted to blame this on right wingers. Unless you’ve been in a cave, it was a crazy homeless Negro who was ticked off at her for refusing to see him on two occasions.

  13. ricointx says:

    Funny, after it was determined that a mentally unstable person committed this act, all the moron left wingers beat a hasty retreat.

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