Dallas Family Seeks Justice In Spring Break Beating Of Student

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It was relentless and brutal, and it was all captured on cell-phone video.

Derek Madrigal of Dallas is recovering in a hospital in Harlingen after he was stabbed nine times and beaten with coolers. The 21-year-old student at Brookhaven College was on spring break in South Padre Island when he was attacked by a vicious mob.

Madrigal’s friend, Gaby, witnessed the bloody beating. “I guess one of them on their way to hit Derek hit me in the face,” explained Gaby. “The next thing I see is his [Madrigal’s] feet over my head and they’re crowd surfing him into the middle of the crowd,” added the 20-year-old.

Gaby, who does not want her last name to appear in this article, says the beating was hard to watch. “A woman’s scream is the worst and when you hear about 50 of them at once, you just know something bad is happening. You could hear people yelling, he’s done for, he’s done for,” she recalled.

derek madrigal Dallas Family Seeks Justice In Spring Break Beating Of Student

Brookhaven College Student, Derek "DJ" Madrigal

Gaby says at least eight men stabbed and beat Madrigal. So far, police have arrested only one person. 33-year-old Michael Rangel is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Derek’s older brother, Richard Madrigal says his parents have yet to see the cell-phone video of the beating. “I have a lot of anger and a lot of disbelief that people would just keep beating someone to the point that they’re unconscious, said Richard.

Meanwhile a Facebook page called “Justice For Derek Madrigal” has been set up in hopes that the remaining attackers will be arrested.

Friends and family say Madrigal or “DJ” as he likes to be called is making progress. DJ ate his first meal since the attack and doctors plan to move him out of ICU by Friday.

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  • someone

    why did they attack him? :O

  • Howard Gottlieb

    Is it just me or does it seem like more and more kids are not only stupid enough to attack people they video tape their crimes. In this case it’s students on vacation. What in the world has happened to society?

    Howard Gottlieb

  • lynchadam45

    The girl interviewed is the cause of the fight, she’s also a ex-stripper now stripper dancer at kinki..She’s been all over the dirty, It’s sad that this guy was defending her. Esp w.her being a striper

    • Miranda A

      What a stupid and insensitive comment. Who are you to judge someone?

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  • David Harry

    I too would want justice if my child was the victim of such a senseless attack. I hope that the Madrigal family get it. As a long time resident of South Padre Island, it saddens me to see that someone who came to enjoy our beautiful beaches will take a home a such an awful memory of the place.

    David Harry
    Author, The Padre Puzzle

  • Texas

    I’m sad and angry to see our youth going to these extremes.
    What happens to a one on one fist fight or just vocal argument.
    These acts only show the cowardliness and stupidity of people.

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  • Amber

    All i can say is those boys who did this are better off turning themselves in they will be safer in jail…………. its a small world just remember that cowards

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