Ellis County Dedicates Memorial For Fallen Iraq And Afghanistan Vets

WAXAHACHIE (CBSDFW.COM) – At first glance, the golden stone wall that sits between a trio of flag poles in front of Life School Red Oak Secondary Campus offers little to garner attention.  But with a closer view, an observer would find the name of Joel Ramirez, his date of birth and date of death, attached to the wall.

“It may be made of brick and stone, but at the heart of this memorial is honor and respect,” Waxahachie native Greg Compton commented during the formal dedication of Ellis County’s Veterans Memorial Wall.

The wall recognizes veterans of the 9/11 era killed in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Joel Ramirez’ name is the first attached to the wall.  The Waxahachie native was killed during a tour of duty in Afghanistan in April of last year.

“For me, my son is still alive,” Ramirez’ father Feliciano Ramirez said.  The family cut a yellow ribbon, listened to patriotic speeches, and talked about the oldest son and brother, now known as the first person dedicated to the Ellis County memorial.  “I thank everyone for this,” Ramirez said.

The fallen veteran’s brother also wanted to show appreciation to the community for the acknowledgment of Joel’s service and sacrifice.  “He was always a caring person.  He always put others in front of him,” brother Daniel Ramirez said.

Six other Ellis County residents have lost their lives in battle in the past decade.  Their names will also be added to the memorial wall.   The memorial can be found at 3295 U.S. North Hwy. 77 in Waxahachie.

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One Comment

  1. norulers says:

    All wasted lives- martyred to serve the depraved interests of the demonic, US Empire.

    1. Blink says:

      Thank you Joel Ramirez for your dedication and loyalty. I only with that television reporters would not call your memorial a “war memorial.” You deserve better than that. We memorialize you and your friends, not war.

      1. norulers says:

        “Dedication and loyalty to what?” Criminals, ruling psychopaths, murder, torture, occupation, and theft? Why memorialize that? THAT’S PERVERSE! War is the ultimate human failure and evil action. These men were part of that heinous activity. They should be CONDEMNED, not honored!

    2. Jackiv1000 says:

      I knew that entire family, and they are some of the nicest and most caring people. You may not support the reason our soldiers are fighting, but you sure as hell better respect who they are.

      1. norulers says:

        I’m sorry, but I have absolutely NO respect for brain dead, robotic, hired killers.

  2. Tommy Brock says:

    Dear norulers
    I came back from Vietnam and was spit on probably by one of your parents.
    I had the honor to be one of the men standing by the flags at this decantation. I did not know him or his parents but that did not mater he gave his life so you have the right to show your disrespect.
    And I have the right to call you an ass
    T. W. Brock Sr. PGR

    1. norulers says:

      I’m the same age as you. War will not end until people refuse to fight them (“leaders” will always try to start them). People will not refuse to fight them until war is viewed correctly as an insane act, certainly NOT worthy of honor and respect.
      War is mass murder. Why do we honor and respect mass murderers?
      He did not give his life for me- he gave it to protect and maintain the brutal regime that claims to rule my life without my consent.

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