Trayvon Martin Shooting Sparks Dallas Rally

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Protestors in Dallas plan to have a rally at Paul Quinn College at noon on Friday. It’s being called ‘Trayvon Martin Day’ in honor of the 17-year-old shot and killed last month in Florida.

Martin was shot by a Neighborhood Watch volunteer who claims that he acted in self-defense. Police in Sanford, Florida said that Martin was not armed. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, so those attending Friday’s rally in Dallas are being asked to wear “hoodies” as well. Other similar rallies are scheduled in cities around the country.

Also in Florida, the Sanford police chief has stepped down temporarily, and the prosecutor who initially looked into the shooting has been replaced. “I do this in the hopes of restoring some semblence of calm to a city which has been in turmoil for several weeks,” said Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee.

Organizers of the rally at Paul Quinn College said that a number of public officials will attend, including State Senator Royce West.

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One Comment

  1. laura says:


  2. Michael Eric White says:

    Im a African American man and Im deeply concerned and grieved by the murder of this young man in Florda but Im also concerned about the murder of young men here and around the country everyday! I wish these same people would march and demostrate for these occurances, or for the I.d.voter laws, or for funding for education in this states, or against the so called boycott of the Korean business in South Dallas which is a injustice perpetrated by blacks against another minority, or against certain radio stations that play hip hop songs that denigrate Black Women and encourage black on black violence, but I guess I have a dream,and I say this not to downplay the horrible attack and murder of that youngman in Florida but to highlight issues that African American communities have to come to grips with today. Rip. Trayvon,but let us not let him die in vain, lets make a pact to look for ways to stop all violence against against all people and find ways to respect all people, and create opportunities for all people and create a better culture of mutual respect for all people in agreement or not! And lastly why did we not march for the young man who was pushed under a train by those young men in South Dallas was that not a wake up call to a suffering community and his grieving parents, was that not just as wrong, was that not just as much a injustice, or are we as African Americans incapable of self introspection when it comes to crimes we commit against each other.

    1. altha says:

      Michael, We have to do something for ourselves, you get off your backside and let your voice be heard. If you think the young man that was push under a train didn’t get justic, why didn’t you form a march? why didn’t you speak out? you don’t wait for someone else to make the first move you do it.

      1. Michael Eric White says:

        Altha would you join me in this endeavour? We don’t need a physical march so much as we need our voices and opinion heard! Our community and Im making the assumption that you are African American is under attack unfortunately not just from other communities, from within. Almost 8 out 10 children are born out of wedlock, we are putting more children in prison then we are graduating to college or secondary education, we have the highest percentage of children living in poverty in the United States, and at the same time we our looking outward to blame when the solution to these problems our in our own hands.First let me say that I would love to brainstorm with you to create a suitable forum to begin the process of correcting these situations in the sprit of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, W.E.B. Du”Bois, and President Barack Obama all men of action who marched physically but whose most power actions are the words they have spoken, proclamations which still live today! my email address is, I hope to here from you soon. Remember the Bible says Death and Life is in the Power of the Tongue!

  3. altha says:

    Laura, Check-yourself-into Parkland Hospital, something is wrong with you. Everybody feel for this family and everybody supporting this family if it has to be a march so be it. Has anybody said anything about a RIOT? the march is support for the family, i know you don’t understand that it’s too BIG for U.

    1. Tab says:

      I had to re-read the comment. I think she’s wants justice for the family also and is suggesting that if there is no justice, rioting could occur.

  4. Litclicker says:

    Michael, very well said!. Kudos to you!

  5. michelle says:

    Everybody can play apart. There are those that march and there are others that push from behind the scenes. We all have a voice and can release a sound.

  6. Pat says:

    Did this young man live in the gated commumity? If not why was he trespassing? Just a thought….. Gated communities are gated fpr a reason.

  7. jcarter says:

    Another young man dead at the hand of a racist.

  8. jcarter says:

    Nice police work. Ignore the dead black kid. There is only one word for “cops” like these. Gang members.
    They remind me of some of Dallas PD’s own band of incompetents- like cpl richeson (lying, fraternizing buffoon who will rat on you for being a misogynist if you’re a man who happens to argue with her. ) I can’t believe she spreads rumors and lies about her OWN students to mess them up when they get to their stations. No wonder Rocio hated her.

  9. AB says:

    No one knows the whole story so would you please quit acting like you know something five states away. This nonsense has taken a life of it’s own and it’s just getting plan stupid. Anytime sharpton and jackson get in the middle of something it will end up in bad news. Just keep fanning the fire and you’ll get more than you wanted.

  10. Shonda says:

    I think the coward should be arrested he ignored the police when they told him to leave the young man alone but he didn’t this young man was doing nothing but walking in the rain on the phone with his girlfriend who says he’s a threat to anybody the racist this is nothing more then a hate crime this man like they say is a want to be cop this man has a police record for beating up a f**k*** cop he should still be locked the f**k up for that see how nothing done til it’s to late ur son story is out there now and the phone records proves that this man is just lying because he has a tongue in his mouth there will be justice for this family ur son will win this case from his grave and i’m so sorry for there lost but u must remember God is good even in sorrow.

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