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rw whitts end Whitts End: 3.23.12Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

*Not sure what to do with Lamar Odom at this point. He hit rock bottom (we can only hope) with his 1-point, 1-rebound, 1-assist performance in 24 minutes against the Lakers Wednesday night. At this point I don’t think Rick Carlisle can continue to play him major minutes. Maybe a benching will wake him up. Perhaps finally take that vacation to Frisco. He’s a mopey head case and a liability. I do know this: the Mavs, after cutting forward Sean Williams, are interested in signing 6-foot-5 swingman Kelenna Azubuike. Odom’s dad is sick. That’s real, and it’s a psychological burden. But Roddy Beaubois’ father suddenly passed away. And he’s returned to play the best basketball of his career.

*My 105.3 The Fan partner Greg Williams had a genius idea this week: First time the Rangers introduce Angels’ pitcher C.J. Wilson at The Ballpark they should not only flash his stats on the scoreboard, but also his cell phone number.

*Be truthful, Pat Robertson is embarrassing. Even if you’re not a Christian. His latest take is that Peyton Manning will get hurt and the Broncos will be left without a quarterbacks and … they’ll deserve it for having the audacity to trade away The Chosen One.

*Need some advice. A grey pickup has been parking in front of my house off and on for months. Some days right in front of my mailbox. Others with one tire kinda impeding onto my grass. Seen the guy once get out of his truck with Starbuck’s in hand and enter the house directly across the street. Never met the guy. My best guess is he is a relative (perhaps the son) of the couple who lives in the house across from me. But this week it escalated. He parked in front of my house again, alright, but not before running his two right tires through my yard for about 20 feet. And with this week’s rain it left a nice little 4-inch trench. Maybe accidental. Maybe not. I left a not-so-nice note under his windshield wiper. What should be the next step?

*Baylor beats Xavier tonight, then loses to Kentucky in the Elite Eight. How unpredictable has this March Madness been? Of the almost 6.5 million bracket entries to, only three picked the exact Sweet 16.

*Pro Football Talk’s first NFL Draft has the Colts taking Robert Griffin III and the Cowboys taking Alabama defensive end Courtney Upshaw. At this point I think Cowboys’ fans would be happy with any of the Crimson Tide’s stud defenders: Upshaw, safety Mark Barron or cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick.



*I don’t love how we blindly fall for something so ridiculous as Kony 2012. But then I’m impressed when we get behind a cause as right at Trayvon Martin’s senseless killing. After hearing that 911 call, no way George Zimmerman isn’t guilty.

*When he takes his first snap as Cowboys’ starting cornerback, Brandon Carr will be the best player to ever wear No. 39 for Dallas. Here’s predicting Mackenzy Bernadeau will not supplant Larry Allen, however, as the greatest No. 73. Kyle Orton, for those of you asking, will wear No. 18. I guess his preferred No. 8 wasn’t available?

*Weird, not-so-wonderful week for me. First, the grey truck. Then my Facebook got hacked. (If I tagged you to get a pair of Nike’s, you’re welcome?) And then Thursday I notice a black splotch on the ceiling in my closet. Huh. Wonder if I’d never seen it before or if it simply, mysteriously just appeared? I investigate. Uh-oh. As I’m wiping away the black substance with a rag, my hand goes right through the sheetrock. It’s a soggy, seepy mess. Good news: It ain’t black mold. Bad news: My roof is leaking.

*Attention Tony Romo haters: Now both Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman believe – on the record – that No. 9 will win a Super Bowl as a Cowboy. Gotta change your opinion of Romo a little, right? Unless, of course, you know more about quarterbacking than Staubach and Aikman.

*Pretty sure I’m not going to get caught up in the buzz over the new movie, The Hunger Games. I love barbaric, Apocalyptic, futuristic flicks, but to me this looks like the Twilight script, just tweaked a little. Common, regular girl with two hot guys fighting over her. It’s genius. But we’ve seen this movie before.

*I’m digging this music these days. Enjoy

*This weekend? Tonight let’s watch some March Madness and some Mavs-Spurs with Mike Fisher of at Redrock Bar & Grill in Dallas on Midway Road. Tomorrow come hang out at Vandergriff Honda in Arlington 2-4, then head up to Hank’s in McKinney for the 2nd Annual Bikers Against Road Rage benefit concert. Sunday, maybe some quality time in the back yard with a cold beer and a hot tub. Don’t be a stranger.

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