honus wagner card 53015830 $1.5 Million Baseball Card Going On Auction Block

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ST. LOUIS (CBSDFW.COMAP) — Bill Goodwin of suburban St. Louis has been in the collectibles business for a quarter of a century, but he says the 102-year-old baseball card he’s putting up for auction starting Tuesday is about as good as it gets.

Goodwin will begin an online auction for a 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card, one of the most sought-after sports collectibles in the world. Goodwin expects the card to fetch at least $1 million and perhaps as much as $1.5 million.

The card is owned by a Houston businessman who has asked not to be identified. The auction continues through April 19.

In 2007, a different Honus Wagner baseball card sold for $2.3 million.

It isn’t the only valuable card that is part of the auction. Goodwin is also auctioning a rare Eddie Plank card that could be worth up to $500,000.

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