danielle busby 1 Year Old Dallas Child Cut By Knife, Mother Arrested

(Photo credit Dallas County Sheriff)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas mother accused of the unimaginable: cutting her own child’s neck, and then calling police to report it. It happened Monday morning in northeast Dallas, and the child is expected to recover.

The mother had been the subject of police mental health calls before, but investigators tell CBS 11 News no crime had ever been committed — until that all changed Monday.

“I don’t know really what caused her to go into this rage,” the suspect’s grandfather, Rev. Leonard Ransom, said bewildered.

Ransom said he’d seen no warning signs and heard nothing until police appeared at this door.  His granddaughter, Danielle Busby, lives on the other side of the duplex with her one-year-old baby girl.

Busby called 911 Monday morning. She told the dispatcher she’d hurt her daughter.  First responders sent the child to the hospital while police determined Busby had indeed wounded her child.

“It was of a nature to give the officers the impression that she was responsible for the child being hurt,” explained Dallas police Sgt. David Burroughs.

The child, who police are not identifying, went to Children’s Hospital in Dallas, with a neck wound and is expected to recover.

Police later confirmed there had been earlier calls to the address — a mental health call in 2003 and another in June of 2010. Dallas police Dep. Chief Sherryl Scott said the latter call as unusual. “During this call the officers discovered the suspect had been running down the street not fully clothed,” she said.

Then, one week ago there was a third call, this time from a relative who was worried about Busby’s mental health.

While Dep. Chief Scott said officers are trained to know what to look for, prior behavior doesn’t guarantee anything.

“We do not necessarily… just because someone in the past had as problem take them into custody.”

CBS 11 News spoke with several neighbors, who didn’t want to appear on camera, but they said me the family is a “great family,” in their words, very supportive of their own family members and of friends.

Busby faces a charge of injury to a child, serious bodily injury.

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