Students Don Hoodies During Silent March At SMU For Slain Fla. Teen

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) –  Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin may have been killed a thousand miles away in Florida, but for students taking part in a candlelight vigil at SMU Monday night, Martin’s death hits close to home and close to their hearts.

Jeff Robertson organized the vigil, and is a member of the Black Law Student Association on campus.

He says, “As far as the physical distance, we’re a world apart. But as far as the spirit, there’s a kindred spirit that something young African-Americans go through, especially African-American males, we’re looked at as a threat.”

At UT Arlington Monday, students shouted, “We are Trayvon! We are Trayvon!”

Students and members of the greater community expressed outrage the man accused of shooting the teen, neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, hasn’t been arrested or charged.

Silk Littlejohn-Gamble, President of the Arlington NAACP Chapter, said, “We are not one nation when we can let a child die over a hoodie and skittles, and a man walk free.”

Renatta Nance organized a silent march at SMU and in the Park Cities. More than 50 students wore hooded sweatshirts, the same thing Martin wore the night he was killed.

Nance says she felt a personal connection to Martin, “I definitely see the face of my younger brother when I look at him.”

She believes their show of solidarity sends a message. “I think my parents’ and my grandparents’ generation definitely had a spirit of activism that I feel like our generation really doesn’t display. So I want to make sure that we can really to care about things more than Facebook or Twitter things of that nature.”

The march attracted not just students, but faculty members like Karen Click, director of SMU’s Women’s Center.

Click summed up what many people felt: “I think it’s beautiful I think it’s a powerful visual for them to express what they’re thinking, and hope the campus and the greater Park cities they’re really connected to what is happening nationally.”

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One Comment

  1. Mac says:

    White, black, asian….hoodies make you look like a thug

    1. TheNiteNurse says:

      So anyone that wears a hoodie deserves to be killed???

    2. Hardworker says:

      This is the most unintelligent comment that I have heard anyone make, ridiculous how narrow mind one could be

  2. Mike says:

    Anyone under 25 years of age who has nothing better to do than put on a Hoodie and make a public spectacle of themself is guilty of a serious abuse of time. They need to spend about five years in the Infantry to get their priorities in order. This protest business is prima facie cause to bring back the draft.

  3. Warren says:

    Jeff Roberston would indeed be a threat should he become a judge as it seems he makes a decision before evaluating the facts.

    1. Justice4TM says:

      and it seems like you make dumb comments without the facts. You made a statement above and I’m sure you were not at the Vigil to witness everything that was said.

  4. Litclicker says:

    All the protests need to stop. The guy hasn’t been arrested because it’s possible he was attacked. All the facts have not been covered. You protesters are being racist. Would you be marching if it was a white kid shot? I doubt it.

    1. CrustyOldGuy says:

      If Zimmerman had stayed with his vehicle, met the police at a central location and followed non-engagement rules of every real ‘neighborhood watch’ group, there would not have been a punch in the nose response to a pudgy cop wannabe stalking and threatening someone who wouldn’t be intimidated and stood his ground and paid an ultimate price for doing so, anagram boy,

      1. Kramer says:

        So assault and battery is acceptable if someone is in your space? Idiot. Oh, don’t forget the pounding the head in the pavement part after the nose punch. D bag.

      2. TheNiteNurse says:

        i agree. I have met dozens of Zimmermans who are cop wantabes. They have several guns at home and dream of shooting someone and becoming a hero The kid was only 17 and did nothing wrong.

      3. TheNiteNurse says:

        So many kids now a days smoke weed. It doesn’t make them a criminal. That still doesn’t make him deserving of being shot for nothing.

      4. CrustyOldGuy says:

        Kramer, you pick out somebody fit and able that you don’t know, follow them around for a while, give them a chance to run away, chase them again and expect a polite conversation at the end of it? Where were you raised, boy, cause in Texas, the chased has every right to respond to the threat with whatever weapon he has at hand.

        Martin even had that right according to to Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ policy . . .podnah.

    2. Kramer says:

      Don’t forget the weed in his bag at school and the thuggery pictures on his FB page.

      1. TheNiteNurse says:

        Yeah like you never did some weed at his age.

      2. Louis Calvin Klein says:

        Oh, so now you’re THE Nite Nurse? LOL. You’re still a pinhead. The point is that this kid is fast becoming something else other than the cherubic saintly victim he was originally portrayed as.

      3. CrustyOldGuy says:

        Kramer – I’d rather stay within the 30 minutes of the time Zimmerman shot him. Even if Martin was doing more than playacting as a thug, does that give him any less right to defend himself against an armed stalker?

        And Louis Calvin Klein – We all have the possibility of becoming something worse that we are right now, or something better. Are you suggesting we thought police our citizens because we all might become executioners in a FEMA Re-education Camp after the Kenyan Socialists take control of the government?

      4. Justice4TM says:

        That was already proven as a false picture #ignorance. Do your research!

    3. Hardworker says:

      Vice Verse, would you not be so belittling if a white kid had been shot….these are facts

  5. Louis Calvin Klein says:

    “Jeff Robertson organized the vigil, and is a member of the Black Law Student Association on campus.”

    I thought Dedman School of Law was a respectable law school. It’s sad when a LAW STUDENT organizes a march on one side or another on this issue before all the facts are in.

    1. Hardworker says:

      Maybe this law student is aiming to be a defendant attorney…..who knows or maybe this student have already saw evidence enough to voice an opinion, its only an opinion and that is something we all are entitled to

    2. Justice4TM says:

      What more facts do you need? The police recordings are public, you can look at the FL laws in their entirety and facts are already out. This is what Law students are supposed to be doing. It amazes me how cowardly some of you commentators are. I’m proud of everyone taking a stand for JUSTICE. Zimmerman was told not to pursue and he did anyway. Therefore face the penalties.

  6. Jim Cook says:

    The “MARCH OF THE CLAIRVOYANTS” ! It’s amazing how the marchers have invented a scenario for this event without knowing any of the facts. Could we, please, wait for release of the police report and statements of witnesses?

    1. CrustyOldGuy says:

      Yeah, I couldn’t be on the jury in this one, because most of the damning evidence is without spin in the phone records from that night and those records are posted on the web for anyone to hear.

  7. TheNiteNurse says:

    i truely hope the marches continue. People need to have their eyes opened to the problems black kids like Trayvon have to face everyday. They are the first to be watched for stealing at stores, they are stopped by police if they are found running, women avoid them if they are walking down the street alone, and they are the last to be assisted in a store if they need help. I mean really you can’t really understand what a black kid has to go through until you walk a mile in their shoes.

    1. wasjustified says:

      Poor little black kids. BS! They’re the first to be watched for stealing at stores because 9 times out of 10, it IS them stealing. Who cares what a black kid has to go through – it’s called LIFE.

    1. CrustyOldGuy says:

      Still, clean on the night in question, returning from the store with candy and a cold drink during a televised basketball game half time break, running from a threat, responding to the threat when confronted, and killed for standing his ground. How are we seeing a different incident?

      1. A White Guy says:

        Most of the bloggers on here see nothing BUT the race when dealing with an issue. I truly believe if it was their kid who was shot and killed they would understand. An over zealous NEIGHBORHOOD watch volunteer has no business shooting anyone while monitoring the neighborhood. They are simply a pair or eyes and ears for the cops. If we don’t protest acts like Zimmerman commited we might as well get rid of the police all together and just walk with guns plastered to our hips. Most of the gun nuts have paranoia issues and need to give up guns and see a shrink.

    2. A White Guy says:

      ARE YOU SERIOUS??? THE DAILY MAIL??? The Daily Mail is a tabloid paper. Is this where you are getting your facts? A freaking British tabloid paper???

  8. Nunya says:

    @The Nite Nurse – Theblack people brought it on themselves. Why else do you think they’re the most watched at stores if there wasn’t such an overwhelming amount of blacks who do it. Wearing hoodies to hide your face, just what burglers and robbers do. Wearing baggy pants, gold grills, and tagging private property, just what rappers encourage, and this kid did all of it. He obviously embraced that culture. Walk a mile in his shoes? Maybe you should walk a mile in a white man’s shoes, you’ll find things are not as much in our favor as you think.

  9. Dennis Teel says:

    i have to agree with the statistics being on the darker side regarding vandalizing and looting.ona daily basis ,i read the newspapers from the large cities across the nation like la times,ny times,etc as well as smaller community news and looting,loitering and vandalism seems to be commited by african americans ona much higher scale than whites.lation comes in second.i’m not looking for an argument ‘nor am i a racist.but it stands out so clearly that you can’t miss it..the facts are disheartening actually.let me point out that we have a judicial system for a reason.and as a mature individual i plan to wait until the court’s decision before i lambast zimmerman as being gulity.if they say he is ,then he is..period. but not until then.waiting for the court’s findings is the mature thing to’s immature “i wamt vengeance right now” crowd that has jumped all over zimmerman even without him having stepped into a court yet.grow up and be responsible people.wait till it’s decided ina court of law before getting all hyper over zimmerman.because according to you ,we don’t need a court system,we should just decide for ourselves and do some hangin’’re the crazy mother f*ckers imo

  10. Dennis Teel says:

    above i meanty latino comes in second.not lation..i apaologise to all the lations out there

  11. I kno yall hate us says:

    First off the truth is whites commit all crimes at a higher scale than blacks. But the media only gives percentages so it appears blacks steal,kill,rob the most. But using actual numbers WHITES numerically out commit blacks in evey crime imaginable. Only difference is whites get probation and blacks get on channel 7 .

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