Woman Injured In Airplane Propeller Accident Files Suit

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Plano woman who suffered disfiguring injuries after walking into a spinning airplane propeller is suing the pilot of the plane she was exiting and his insurance company.

It’s been almost four months since Lauren Scruggs walked into a spinning propeller blade at the Aero Country Airport in McKinney. The woman had just taken a flight on a small plane to see Christmas lights.

Initially Scruggs’ family refused to assign blame for the accident, but now CBS 11 News has learned they’ve hired an attorney and are filing suit.

The 23-year-old Plano woman lost her left hand, left eye and had head injuries as a result of the accident last December.

Scruggs has since returned to her career as a fashion editor but still hasn’t spoken publicly — instead issuing one written statement.

♦♦♦Read The Entire Scruggs Petition♦♦♦

The lawsuit names pilot Curt Richmond and Aggressive Insurance as defendants and also states that Aggressive offered Scruggs a $200,000, is the maximum a passenger on the plane could receive.

But Scruggs’ family argues that she was not a passenger because she had already exited the aircraft and was turning back to thank the pilot when the accident happened.

The insurance company has a $2 million limit on injuries to non-passengers.

CBS 11 News spoke to aviation attorney, Kent Krause, who is not related to the case. He says the lawsuit is unusual and could be a tough case for the family to win.

“Really what the court is going to have to decide is how far is that getting off she had just gotten out of the aircraft how away from the airplane do you sort of disassociate yourself as a passenger,” he said.

A decision in the case could happen faster than usual since the lawsuit asks that a judge make the decision.

CBS 11 has not been able to get a comment or statement from the pilot, his insurance company or the Scruggs family attorney.

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One Comment

  1. FedUpTxn says:

    The Scruggs family needs to look up narcissism. No one is at fault but the woman who wasn’t paying attention to where she was and putting herself at risk. No jury will see it any other way. Stop trying to manipulate the news media to call continual attention to yourself when it only makes you appear foolish.

  2. AlsoFedUpNTX says:

    So if I am stupid and not paying attention and walk into a propeller, can I file a frivolous lawsuit too? Get a life already! There are soldiers returning from war who have lost a limb and you don’t hear them crying and filing lawsuits – they are true heroes, not you just because you survived after walking into a propeller ON YOUR OWN.

    I am sorry you were maimed but quit trying to milk public sympathy for your own stupid action.

    1. nicc says:

      How the hell can you compare this to the military. They know what they are getting into when they inlist. Cops know what they are getting into. They are getting paid to risk their lifes. In this case she paid the pilot. Yes she dumb, but still liability issues are here. In my Job and others you have to make ajustments for dumb people, i.e. turn off the damn prop.

      1. AlsoFedUpNTX says:

        I compared to the military bc when this story first came out some idiots were calling her a hero – just making a comparison between real heroes and this dumb idiot. You can’t help stupid

        And just bc a soldier “knows what they are getting into” doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your respect for their sacrifice

      2. nicc says:

        Respect is one thing. Fault is another. I dont feel sorry/bad for a killed soldier, i feel bad for their family

      3. AlsoFedUpNTX says:

        Good to know you do have a heart

  3. Christa & Don Settle says:

    People are getting “sue-happier” all the time. It is true, the Scruggs Family should just drop it. We are sorry for the young lady, but….obviously she wasn’t paying attention where she was going, or what she was doing; when you are around a plane, YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION AND BE CAREFUL AT ALL TIMES.

  4. susan says:

    although i feel very badly for the woman,i do feel she cannot say she was not a passenger when this occurred..this article says she was turning back to thank the pilot when the accident happened,..the pilot does have responsibility in this incident as well because he should not have allowed her to exit with the engine and prop running..he should have advised her to stay in her seat until the engine was shut down..a good pilot who is responsible would care more about his passenger than whether there was extra fuel involved in cutting the engine and restarting…i am sure her mdical bills are outrageous and she neds the insurance mioney to cover them..

    1. marry says:

      what they begged for money to pay her bills that was a big deal and i believe they started begging the day after it happened sorry it happened but live with it now

  5. HookemTX says:

    How can Scruggs not know that an airplane propeller will beat you every time with monotonous consistency? Pay attention around big spinning objects! Your lawsuit should be thrown out for the ridiculous thing it is -you are such a loser Scruggs

  6. Narlington Boy says:

    Texas is a “comparative negligence” state, meaning that if the plantiff is more than 50% at fault, she gets zilch. If she was warned, knew the propeller was spinning and walked where she was told not to, well….

  7. BigFED says:

    I had a lot of respect for her on how she handled this event, but she lost ALL of it with this.

  8. marry says:

    feel sorry for here BUT her family was real quick to beg for money to pay her bills
    and beg they did.. now they want to SUe because she walked into plane
    was She texting and walking… greed bunch of beggars

  9. CBPphotobug says:

    Really??? She’s joking right? Now I know this woman is really “Blonde.” Trying to blame someone else for her own stupidity. Please keep her away from the McDonalds drive-thru. I hear they serve really HOT coffee.

  10. MBFtWorth says:

    I’m sorry, but how do you have a serious injury on your left side, when she was supposedly turning around to thank the pilot? On the passenger side, you would step right foot first, followed by your left and be facing towards the pilot already. How does your left side end up by the propellor, and have another 2 feet between where you were exiting and the prop?
    I’m sorry for the accident, but it was her fault for walking into the prop. not the pilots. I would never have a passenger exit a small plane with the engine running, but this was a decison that the pilot made, and the passenger had already known this was the situation based on previous passengers that the pilot had taken up that evening.

  11. TheNiteNurse says:

    I guess when you get a huge medical bill and you don’t have money to pay it you start thinking you might need to sue.

  12. Ron says:

    I really do feel sorry for this poor woman. Terrible injuries. It appears she is making a wonderful recovery, and she is still a beautiful young woman. However, let’s get real. She walked into the propellar. No one pushed her or made her in any way walk into it. They make a lot of noise and wind when running. She had to know the propellar was moving. Hopefully, she had insurance to cover all her costs. She seems to be able to continue with her career. I wish you success sweet girl.

  13. Jessica says:

    Lauren is a close friend of one of my friends. She is a sweet girl an d a lot of your comments are heartless. Now, I don’t believe she will win the suit because everything seems to point to it being her own fault….but that’s no reason for some of these nasty comments. Get better soon, Lauren! We are all praying for you!

  14. will fraser says:

    Passengers are the responsibility of the Pilot. No one should be allowed to exit until the engine is shut down , on a propellor a/c. I can’t imagine how he feels as he watched. If he instructed the passenger not to exit with the propellor turning, same story, he remains responsible. The duty of care is with the Captain and his company/insuror.

  15. atticus171 says:

    If any of you jack wagons on CBS 11 read this comments section…. For Christ sake will you stop wasting news time on this stupid story about an idiot blond and her deadbeat hobo begging parents who are using at news media to launch treir own reality show. Also a news show should report news, not attempt comedy you are news anchors not stand-up comedians!!! Ask yourself… Would Walter Cronkite say this.

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