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71-Year-Old North Texas Woman Charged With Hate Crime

Jason Allen, CBS 11 News

♦♦Warning: This story contains quotes from a suspect that uses offensive language.♦♦

RICHLAND HILLS (CBSDFW.COM) – A 71-year-old Richland Hills woman is facing a hate crime charge after police say she attacked her 25-year-old neighbor with a cane.

Lloyd Guerrero had red marks on his neck, scratches on his shoulders and bruising on his forearm, where he tried to fend off the swings from the wood cane.

“And I will say she hit pretty hard,” Guererro said. “A lot harder than I thought she ever would have.”

Police who responded to the Ash Park Apartments Wednesday night said Derby also choked the man, scratched him, and then tried to force her way into his apartment when he got away. During questioning, police say she repeatedly used a homosexual slur to refer to Guererro, who is gay. Police said she also told officers that her neighbor “…has AIDS and is going to kill my son.”

Guererro said he has known Derby’s son since childhood. The man recently decided to move out of his mother’s apartment, and into the apartment next door with Guererro’s mother and uncle. Guererro lives in California but has been staying there for three months while he works in the area.

He said Derby’s disapproval of him was clear, including threatening posts on Facebook, and the use of that same homosexual slur anytime she saw him.

“That word, she liked to use a lot, whenever I was walking around or if I was present anywhere,” he said.

Guererro said Derby attacked as he was helping her son move more boxes Wednesday. He put up his arms to protect his head, but said he didn’t want to hit the woman back.

“We finally got the cane and got it away and threw it on the ground away from here,” he said. “And then we just started trying to shut the door.”

Derby posted $11,500 bond and has been released from jail.

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  • YRofTexas

    Get off the “hate crime” agenda, and just charge with minor assault.
    Tagging crimes with “special interests” demoralizes & weakens the sanctity of laws; why we have even have laws.
    What took place prior to aggravate the suspect? What does the suspect’s son say to this? Was it recorded? There is always more to a story, as the media loves to cast a spin in order to stir up the populace.

    • Dgnb

      Well, they keep trying to call rape “sexual assault” and it results in a more lenient sentence or even plea bargaining that frequently gets the P.O.S. out of jail.

    • Greg

      This guy was certainly gay. He is pressing charges against an old lady for beating him. No real man would ever admit to being beaten up by an old lady… sad.

      • AK

        LOL good Sir

    • re: yroftexas

      You obviously have never been a victim of a hate crime, or the recipient of hate directed speech. There really didn’t have to be anything prior to aggravate the suspect. I agree that the media can be biased a good portion of the time. However, I don’t think you can just ignore that hate crimes exist.

      • Lewis

        I hope you do read the “mmmarvel” response and come to realize that nefarious activities always include a knowledge that harm comes upon the victim. “Hate” crimes are current government’s shepherding of desired trends. Very much like the IRS encouraging and discouraging financial activities.

        Do you feel ‘used’ yet?

      • Jim

        Oh, please, grow up! If my grandmother is mugged and they try to take her purse, and gets bruises on her face, how is that any different from some guys who do exactly the same because they’re black and she’s white (this did happen in my family)? No difference! Stop playing the victim (“you obviously never have been a victim of a hate crime, or the recipient of hate directed speech”). How holier-than-thou!

      • Rabiddogg

        all are created equal but some are more equal than others?

      • Bob

        I’m pretty sure there is a component of general hate for any crime victim. There doesn’t need to be special consideration made to special groups.

      • Spirit of 76

        “Hate Crime” is a bogus, artificial, made-up category more accurately called “Crimes Against the Soviet”.

        Or maybe you never noticed in 5,000 years of recorded history not a single civilization has felt the need to criminalize one’s thoughts.

        Until the Bolsheviks came along.

        Huh. I wonder how that is?

      • mmmarvel

        No, crime exists, period. An assult for ANY reason hurts, it doesn’t hurt more if I think of a name or term or call you that name or term before, after or while I’m hitting you, it hurts the same, not more, not less. If I whack you because I want your money, or because you’re gay, or because your a man or a woman or black or white, it all hurts the same. A crime is a crime, I don’t care WHY the crime is committed, it’s a crime, it needs to be punished the same because the damage, the hurt, the wrong has the same results … the punishment needs to be the same.

    • terry

      Typical bias article.

      • StateRunMediaTakeover

        I hate to break it to you, but this is another made up story. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history.

      • shemp

        rump ranger or not, he should have been able to defend himself against an elderly woman!!

    • vern


    • DUH

      You got that right as regards to casting a spin in order to stir up the populace. I mean hell, just look at Fox News & Drudge Report for example. Even though we all know they never had a prejudice or bias bone in their body, their links and talk always seem to be so. Oh wait, you meant everybody else huh? oops, sorry.

      • Jim

        I don’t watch FOX news, I do have CNN as homepage. Man, CNN is so incredibly biased (towards those like you, from the tone of your note above). And Drudge Report has news on so many things…how is the Drudge Report itself so biased? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have answers, just sarcasm. Duh!

  • http://fortworthinsight.com/news/71-year-old-north-texas-woman-charged-with-hate-crime/ 71-Year-Old North Texas Woman Charged With Hate Crime « Fort Worth News Feeds

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  • TheNiteNurse

    Judging from the photo this old gal looks pretty big and tough. I’ve wrestled with a few in the hospital in my career and they can be pretty strong. But taking into consideration her age and her physical problems with walking could the victims not just run out of the apartment? I would have then have the cops give the old gal a nice long talk about her behavior. I wouldn’t have pressed charges. You can’t change the thinking of a 71 year old.

  • corntrader19

    I agree with YRtexas. Something is missing in this story. The media conveniently leaves more information out. Why not tell the whole story?

    • Bob

      That wouldn’t fit the lefts agenda.

  • Nae

    Judging by what the police say, if their statements of her words are accurate then YES this is a hate crime and YES she should be nailed to the wall! If the statements (which I doubt since everyone is saying the same thing at the scene) are not true then she still needs to stay locked up and charged to the fullest extent of the law.

    • daryl d duke

      So your idea, is to keep her in jail until she dies? RIGHT.

  • BDUB77

    @shemp – you’re a moron – sure enough if he’d of hit her back, then you’d be screaming that he beat an old lady – but, I guess your comments pretty much state what kind of character you are.

  • wasjustified

    I think she would have been looking for that cane up her a*ss when it was all said and done.

    • Bob

      I’m sure that is what the victim was hoping she’d do to him.

  • Sane Man

    Hate crime = thoughtcrime. The motives for someone attacking another person are irrelevant, the crime is the attack itself. Do you really need liberal actuaries looking up charts to see who is the greater victim? “Well, he was a young, gay albino, but she was a Black woman with one arm. How do the points rack up?” This is what happens when people keep electing leftist stooges (redundant term).

    • Jim

      LOL! Well said!

  • lynn

    I agree with NiteNurse. The neighbor should be a MAN about it and not have pressed charges. So she whopped him, get over it. She called him a name, suck it up.

    Like YRofTexas says the “hate” crime agenda is bs. All crimes are hate crimes if you get right down to it. We don’t need special add on bring in the feds language to usurp the local authorities jurisdiction.

    • Wes

      This woman sounds mentally ill or demented and probably needs help. Either way, the guy was well within his rights to call the police for being assaulted. Why should he drop the charges? So she could turn around and do it again, or possibly something worse? Being 71 years old or being a woman does not magically grant you the right to harm someone else or break the law, period. Laws have to be applied consistently, or they are meaningless.

    • Lee

      So right! Good Granny how many men against one old lady? Guerrero is just looking for the headlines –

    • Spirit of 76

      Lol. Poor little “man” isn’t living up to stereotypes, no not at all! He isn’t helpless, effeminate, thin-skinned and too quick to run to his replacement daddy (“the cops”) instead of solving his own problems, no! He is absolutely not a living stereotype of weakness and uselessness!

  • Jerry Newhouse

    “Hell is other people.”
    – Jean-Paul Sartre

    ————– http://911essentials.com

  • Just sayin....

    If you get beat up by a 71 year old woman, any “slur” is probably true. How about manning up and dropping the charge.

  • Jess

    Seriously, he couldn’t out run a 71 year old lady? I mean you don’t even have to sprint; a brisk walk should do it… How on earth did she land a shot on a 25 year old man??? Wow what a sissy!

    • bob

      His high heels were digging into the grass

  • me2

    Ignorant old hillbilly hag. Ugly as hell, too. Needs a beating.

  • Matt

    SO, if I go beat someone up that is Christian, and my only reason for beating that person up is that I hate Christians, should I just be charged with simple assult, or should I be punished more severely, since I used bias against Christians as the reason for my assult? Just curious…

    • Jim

      No, just simple assault (ignoring your sarcasm). If your intent is to hurt someone, no matter the reason (you don’t like their color, you don’t like their religion, you “hate’ the pajamas they’re wearing) why should it be different for “hate”? Heck, that shows bias in and of itself, right there.

  • bob

    what a nancy boy.. beat up by a 71 year old woman and then ADMITS it to cops… lol
    Bet he soiled his panties and cried himself to sleep too.

  • Tim

    So where, exactly, was the offensive language?

  • Pityfool

    How hard could a 71 year old woman hit? HA!. LOOK FOR PITY MUCH?

  • Me

    Ted Kennedy should and hopefully is burning in hell for the treason against the United States he commited in helping to pass “hate crime” legislation. Nothing brings civil war faster then formalized unequal protection under the law–and that is just what “hate crimes” provide.

  • Slam1263

    Sure, Charge the white person with a hate crime.

    If you black you can set whitey on fire and get away with it.

  • JJ1970JJ

    Cat fight!

    • AK

      LMAO!!!! Love the comment.

  • vern

    Boy, that’s one tough character, unable to defend himself from an old lady, hurt to the point of prosecution by a bad word, and he got scratches and a bruise!

    Yup. Definitely worth destroying freedom of speech to bag that old gal and lock her up at taxpayer expense, Good job all!

  • Swan jaco

    If she attacked the guy just because he’s gay, then obviously it’s a bias crime.

  • AK

    Well if he did have AIDS I would have beat him to for messing around with my son. Nothing against him beaing gay but if he is spreading a death sentence around to my family, he deserves to have his butt whipped. Wonder if she is going to be charged with a hate crime or assult in the end….. pathetic.

  • xoxoxo

    Wow!So many ignorant people here.I’m surprised you get internet in your trailers.At least you all have something to do when there isn’t any NASCAR on television.

    • AK

      Hows your Trailer doing? I can hear the cars on the tv turn left and left and left while you watch the Sprint Cup.

  • Lazarusbrands

    The most amazing parts of this story are that (a) the 71-year old bigot is tech savvy enough to spew her venom on Facebook; and (b) that RHPD has come far enough into the 21st century to recognize a hate crime when they see one, regardless of the fact that the assailant is a 71-year old woman, and the victim is a 25-year old man.

    Unfortunately, what does not surprise me at all is how backward, hate-filled, and childish, so many of the reader comments are. No doubt, many of the bigots who posted here, use those same lips that were required to mutter out loud while they read the article above, to kiss their mothers and take communion wafers!

    All the more reason I quit listening to “GCB’s” like these. I’d rather burn in hell for eternity, than spend 5 minutes in “glory” with a bunch of hate-driven “Good Christian BIGOTS!”

    And yes, if left unchecked… violent attacks with words and walking canes, become violent attacks with guns and cars! Even from 71-year old hate-mongers.

    • AK

      What does being a Christian have to do with anything? You say “And yes, if left unchecked… violent attacks with words and walking canes, become violent attacks with guns and cars! ” Those attacks already happen with Guns and Cars. Most of the comments are childish…I haven’t seen one “Christain” spewing there ideas on here. Most are comments like my personal fave “Cat fight” just people being immature and having a good laugh.

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