Andrea Lucia, CBSDFW.COMBy Andrea Lucia

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The largest jackpot in U.S. history is enticing more people to pool their money with friends or co-workers to buy tickets for Friday’s MegaMillions drawing.

“$540 million. I gotta take a chance,” said Paul Collins, who already has his ticket.

“We have people buy like $200 worth,” said Carmen Rojas, the manager at Fuel City.

But attorney, Trey Branham, warns it can get tricky, if an office pool actually wins.“500 million dollars changes people. Heck, a million dollars changes people. $200,000 changes people,” he said.

In Connecticut, a woman is suing her sister for keeping all the lottery winnings, and in New Jersey a jury found a man guilty of trying to cheat 5 co-workers out of $38.5 million.

“What you need is evidence of the agreement,” said Branham.  “Send an e-mail around to all your co-workers that are in the pool.  We bought the tickets.  Here’s the agreement.”

He also suggests making copies of the tickets for everyone in the pool so everyone knows what numbers are in play.
Collins, though, keeps it simple. “I’d rather just do it myself – so I don’t have to share with 30 other people.”

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