ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The storms that damaged Lynn Trotter’s home in Arlington also scared away one of her family members — her cat Missy.

“It was pretty scarey,” Trotter said. “It was rough. My daughter had came home from school and she didn’t even look at the house. She was like, “Where’s my kitty??”.  I was like, I know she’s coming back. I know she is. And she was upset and crying.”

Ironically, Trotter works at the City of Arlington Animal Shelter, one of the places that is now trying to reunite animals with their families after the tornado.

“They’re family,” said Arlington Animal Services Manager Chris Huff. “And that’s what we want do is unite animals back to their families.”

The city began an online service immediately following the tornado in Arlington that damaged 430 homes.  It allows people who have lost or found an animal to post it on line.  Knowing many people want to avoid putting a pet in the pound, the city also has workers scouring other sources hoping to connect missing animals with worried owners.

“Our volunteers are coming in and they’re checking the website,” Huff said. “They’re checking the log books we keep here at the shelter. They’re checking Facebook and they’re helping unite animals back with their families.”

Missy finally returned to Trotter’s home on her own.  But she had neighbors on the look out for her.  And, just like the online search, knowing others are helping gave her peace of mind.

“I think there’s definitely peace of mind knowing that there’s someone out there looking and they can post it out there for somebody to look,” Trotter said. “Yeah, absolutely.

To report or search for a lost/found animal in Arlington go to: