Perry Touring North Texas Tornado Damage

LANCASTER (CBSDFW.COM) – Governor Rick Perry will be in Lancaster on Thursday, touring areas that were devastated by powerful storms and tornadoes on Tuesday afternoon. He will get to see firsthand just how destructive the twisters were for North Texas. In some places, the rubble is so thick that it is hard to tell it was once somebody’s home.

Perry will get a bird’s eye view of the damage as he flies over the area in a helicopter. Roofs are missing. Walls have collapsed. Windows have been shattered. Cars still parked in places that used to be garages. Officials have determined that the Lancaster tornado was an EF-2, packing winds of up to 130 mph. At least 300 homes were damaged by the storm. The city issued a disaster declaration and is hoping to get state and federal aid for the residents who are now forced to rebuild.

Lancaster is just one of the several areas hit by Tuesday’s tornadoes. Forney and Arlington have both also issued disaster declarations. Perry is set to visit those cities and Kennedale during his Thursday stop in North Texas. According to a statement issued by his office, the governor will be briefed by local authorities and emergency management personnel before discussing his thoughts at a news conference later in the day.

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  • TheNiteNurse

    The governor is actually working??? Who knew he could actually do his job?

    • Whtie Rabbit

      I know! Where was he when Bastrop was burning?

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  • Don "Crude" Craig

    Since Perry spent so little time during his alleged presidential campaign doing what he is supposed to do – governing the state of Texas – will his salary that WE PAY reflect this? I doubt it.


    How nice that Perry actually deigned to do something for his state.

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  • oldman69

    I suppose that he will blame this on Obama also-like everything else he said during his “campaign”- he surely won.t ask Washington for any storm help will he? no not a good republican like he is.Makes you want to puke.

  • Carl

    I cannot think of any less important reason for interrupting network programming than to cover the bumbling governor as he prattles on about tornadoes. Your newsreader admitted at the end of your useless interruption that the information will be available on line. You should have left it at that!

    • Bosephus

      Did you notice or not that he was wearing special “Tornado” shirts made up for him like when we had the Panhandle fires. He has to be fashion correct when he is in public. What a poser!

      • Bosephus

        What a waste of good helicopter airtime.

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