Study: Cheap Diabetes Drug May Fight Cancer

(CBS News) – Does hope for cancer treatment lie in new drugs? Not necessarily, as new research shows that a commonly prescribed diabetes drug, metformin, may help fight cancer.

The drug helps diabetes patients keep their blood sugar in check and makes them more sensitive to insulin. But several new studies examined the effect of metformin on cancerous tumors, based on previous findings that metformin increases the activity of an enzyme involved in tumor suppression.

The latest findings were presented this month in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting in Chicago.

Researchers studied the effect of metformin on patients affected with a variety of cancers, including melanoma, pancreatic, lung, and prostate cancer. The studies found metformin inhibits the growth of most tumor cells.

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  1. brain pillsner says:

    cheap diabetes drugs sound promising. i think its vital to remain positive and explore options. i checked out this review site the other day in which they discuss a powerful herbal supplement, termed “graviola.” it seems that reviews have demonstrated that this supplement from the rainforest combats cancer cells and leaves otherwise healthy cells untouched. pretty awesome!

  2. TheNiteNurse says:

    Interesting…using metformin to help fight cancer. Only one thing, if you don’t have problems with high blood sugar how do you keep yourself from passing out as the medication lowers your blood sugar to nothing? Cancer patients aren’t known for having great appetites so eating something every few hours isn’t an option.

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