Swastika Spray Painted Onto Dallas Street

street swastika Swastika Spray Painted Onto Dallas Street

A swastika spray-painted onto a Dallas street on April 6, 2012. (Credit: CBSDFW.com)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Shortly after the sun rose on the second day of Passover Saturday, residents in the 9500 block of Manchester Dr. found a stark-pink swastika spray painted in the middle of the street.

Dallas Police spokesman Lt. Scott Walton said officers have labeled the offense criminal mischief and are investigating whether it should be reclassified as a hate crime.

Walton said a resident told police he saw middle school-aged teenagers running from the area shortly before the swastika was seen.

“However, it is unknown if they were involved in the incident,” he said.

Walton said the Northwest Division has added extra patrol throughout the area.

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  • Bob

    These little pinhead haven’t a clue to the significance of their “gesture”. Ignorant little haters, probably largely taught to hate by their parents or other “responsible elders”.

  • TheNiteNurse

    Why do we give these teenaged punks the attention they want? It just spurs on their behavior.


    I’d like to find them and show them what 12 years in the IDF and 14 years of Krav Maga can do to anti-Semites.

  • David

    Rabbi’s have been caught doing these sorts of things throughout history because they are whiny, self righteous, perpetual victims.

    • Tired of the Redneck Morons in Texas

      RABBIS, not Rabbi’s. You spelled it as the possessive, not the plural, genius. Go back to banging your sister, you inbred hick.

    • TX JEW BOY

      David, I’m still waiting on a response when and where we can iron out our differences. Hey, if anything, you’ll get a quick lesson in Krav Maga and Israeli jujitsu, so that’s a plus!

    • Former National Alliance and W.A.R. MORON

      LOL @ David. OK. Whatever. Like Jewish people started Kristallnacht. You sad, bitter, pathetic, ignorant loser. You’re the type who yell about African-Americans and other races carrying a chip on their shoulders and blaming others for shortcomings, yet that is exactly what you are doing. Wake up, lonely man, and realize there are bad apples in every race.

      • Former National Alliance and W.A.R. MORON

        Including WHITES, in case you missed the point.


    David, see my above comment and tell me where we can meet, tough guy.

  • Preston Hollow

    TX JEW BOY = zionist bully

  • norulers

    “Stark-pink?” They must be metro-sexual Obama-trons.

  • les

    who ever did this should be made to clean it up on Saturday afternoon with a tooth brush while the whole neighborhood watches

  • Robert

    Calibri (Body)

  • Robert

    This was the work of some teenagers and is the same as all the other graffiti all over the metro area. If the press wouldn’t give it air time, they wouldn’t do it. As far as this being a hate crime… no more than when these hoodlums throw rocks through people’s windows. I think the best thing to do with them is to give them a bucket of soap and scrub brushes and make them scrub the entire street block clean and not put them in a place where they watch TV and tell all the guys around them what a commotion they caused.

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