keyframe69 FWISD Wont Suggest Any Teacher Layoffs

Walter Dansby, superintendent of the Fort Worth Independent School District. (Credit:

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – When Fort Worth ISD administrative officials appear before the school board Tuesday, they won’t be recommending any teacher layoffs.

District spokesman Clint Bond credited “careful budgeting and excellent stewardship” with saving Fort Worth ISD $12.5 million.

“It’s very good news; the district has been working hard all year to save every penny available to avoid these layoffs, so their hard work has really paid off for the teachers,” said Steven Poole, spokesman for the United Educators Association.

Those dollars and an additional $4 million in federal funds means the district can weather a $60 million shortfall without cutting teachers.

Bond cited the district’s incentive program, which essentially offered buyouts for teachers and staffers who wished to resign or retire.

“That helped us provide some flexibility in saving those teacher jobs and reallocating resources to suport campuses where they were needed,” Bond said.

He said more than 200 elementary teachers, 166 secondary teachers and 66 “other degreed professionals” took part in the program, which saved the district millions.

“The bottom line is that although FWISD’s fund balance was budgeted to be closer to $85 million, because of hard work, the fund balance will be closer to $100M,” Bond wrote in a statement.