DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If you haven’t been out to Dallas Love Field lately, you might not recognize the place. KRLD got an exclusive tour of the behind-the-scenes progress in the half-billion dollar renovation.

The new lobby has been open for about four months, but it’s behind temporary walls where you get an idea what the new terminal and gate area will look like. Huge and airy, open windows all over the place — including in a new meet and greet area. It’s a spot outside security where you will be able to watch for someone who has just arrived. And, while you’re waiting, Jeff Miller said that you can look out on the tarmac at a not-so-ordinary spot.

KRLD’s L.P. Phillips Reports:

“This is the site where LBJ was sworn in after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. The aircraft sat right out beyond that yellow tank, and they think they’ve got it pinned down to within a few feet of where Johnson was standing when he was sworn in,” Miller said.

If the FAA signs off on it, a special runway light will point toward the terminal, pinpointing that spot. The first new gates are set to open a year from now.

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