FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – When you’re a single mother raising a 9-year-old son, every paycheck counts. “Bankruptcy doesn’t have very positive connotations, especially for long-term viability of the company,” said AA pilot, Christine Daniel. “So yeah, that does provide some uncertainty and extra stress.”

Daniel is a veteran pilot for American Airlines. With bankruptcy looming in the clouds, the 44-year-old is worried her flights are numbered. “I have 13 years here. It would be hard if I were to start with another airline carrier,” explained Daniel. “I would be starting over at year one and that’s tough to do.”

Daniel makes her home in Colorado Springs, so her parents can watch her son when she’s gone. The former Air Force pilot spends part of her time in North Texas, where she’s based for American Airlines.

aa pilot son2 Nail Biting Bankruptcy For Many AA Employees

AA pilot, Christine Daniel with her son, Richard (courtesy: Christine Daniel)

With a child to care for, Daniel places heavy emphasis on job security. The veteran pilot admits she has her doubts about AA’s future. “They’re calling for the layoffs, and many industry analysts are not very impressed with the plan they have in place. It doesn’t grow and it doesn’t really give us a long-term solution,” said Daniel.

Daniel says she’s not waiting for the bankruptcy proceedings to pan out. Instead, she’s already looking for other prospects, just in case she becomes one of several thousand employees likely to lose their jobs.