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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – After hearing the latest news about the Saints allegedly wiretapping the visitor’s coaches offices and locker room I feel that there is one step that needs to be taken…and it can be chosen from any of these following punishments:

1. Force Saints owner Tom Benson to sell the team. He has now presided over a bounty program AND a wiretapping scandal of Federal Crime proportions. He needs to be gone, period. If you don’t know this is happening you’re out of touch, and if you do know you’re part of the scandal and just as bad.

2. A 10 year postseason ban. This would be a very forward thinking and unprecedented move by the NFL that would certainly get the attention of the other teams who may even think of doing something like this. This would suffice as far as I’m concerned…for what that’s worth.

3. A 5 year, Death Penalty. This would be the harshest penalty as the 10 year postseason ban still allows them to field a team and make some money as being part of the NFL, but the Death Penalty would preclude them from getting any of the NFL’s money or revenue sharing or partaking in any NFL activities. There will be no promo’s, no mention of the Saints and they will essentially not exist for 5 years.

I think 1 of these three things HAS to happen regardless, and that is the forcing of Benson to sell. Even though that would take a unanimous vote on the the part of the other 31 owners…and the other 31 owners have never unanimously agreed on anything.

It would be a very proactive step the league could take to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. It worked with SMU as it sent a 20 year message to that program, and it can work with the Saints. You cannot have rogue organizations in your league.

Jack Bauer may work on TV and in the Government arm, but you can’t have Jack Bauer in the NFL. That doesn’t jive here. Yes, I just said jive.

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