By Mark 'Elf' Elfenbein, CBSDFW.COM

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – For as long as I can remember, this has always been and always will be a “Blue” kind of town. Well, Silver & Blue to be exact.

That’s right, Dallas Cowboys “Blue”.

Plain and simple the Dallas Cowboys have ruled the roost when it comes to fandom, stardom and popularity in the DFW Metropolis. It’s not even close. This is a Dallas Cowboys town by miles. However, Jerry Jones might want to peak at his rear view mirror these days. There are objects dressed in “Red” that are larger and are much closer than Jerry thinks. Much closer!

Yes, I’m talking about the Texas Rangers.Yes, two time back to back American League champion Texas Rangers. They are gaining on Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

But have they caught the Cowboys in fandom, stardom and popularity? No, not yet. But the momentum is unmistakable.

Texas Ranger fans waited for over 40 years to have something to get excited about during the brutally hot summer months. Two consecutive World Series appearances have whetted the appetite of already starving for something Rangers fans. That color of Rangers “RED” has made an appearance and is here to stay for a long, long time.

You can thank the new ownership and front office of the Texas Rangers for the success they’ve had in recent years. You can blame the ownership and front office of the Dallas Cowboys for the “Guys in Red” closing the gap on the ever popular Dallas Cowboys.

Texas Rangers front office of Jon Daniels, Nolan Ryan and company have been instrumental in making sure all the pieces to the Texas Rangers puzzle fit properly…and having the boatload of FOX $$ to spend doesn’t stink.

Daniels has done a tremendous job building the farm system and acquiring the right people to build this team around. From players to coaches the Texas Rangers have quickly become a team players want to play for. They pay big $$ and they win with back-to-back World Series appearances.

For years, Ranger fans knew the season was over before it started. Dallas Cowboys off season news was bigger than any Texas Rangers regular season happenings. Those days are officially over.

Why? Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys have done nothing in the last 15+ years. Seriously, they’ve done ZERO!

Old school Dallas Cowboy fans would continue to wait because they had tasted a Super Bowl before and won championships. Old school Cowboy fans knew the Cowboys would win again soon and they were the only team in town that mattered. Old school Cowboy fans are OLD! Even I have a difficult time remembering the last time the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl let alone the playoffs.

The new, younger breed of fans in Ranger Red has never seen the Cowboys do a thing. Nothing! They got a sniff of the playoffs and not even a whiff of the Super Bowl. That Cowboys Silver & “Blue” is nowhere to be found in the postseason. PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS? The younger Fans in DFW have never seen the beloved Cowboys do anything. The guys dressed in “RED” have got their attention, their hearts, passion and now money.

Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys made some serious changes the past few years.

Jason Garrett became the new head coach and this past off season he finally got to put his own coaching staff together. They sent some of the older veterans packing and went with younger guys. The change is still a “Process”. Sorry Jason, I couldn’t resist.

PLAYOFFS?  No, not yet. The clock is ticking for Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett to get this Dallas Cowboys team back on the winning track.

The Silver & “Blue” of the Dallas Cowboys will never ever go away. Someday the Cowboys will start winning football games at a high rate and taste the playoffs again. My suggestion is they better hurry. Cowboy fans are passionate and too numerous to count. They will back their team all day and all night but it’s getting real tired and a smidge old that Cowboy fans are starting to expect the Cowboys season to be over before it starts.

Cowboy fans are now switching over to the other stadium across the street in Arlington in September and October.

For the first time in forever the Cowboys are the one’s done in the fall and the guys in “RED” are the team everyone is watching. What an amazing change it has been.

The Ballpark in Arlington is buzzing with postseason excitement and Cowboys Stadium has got nothing.

This will always be a Dallas Cowboys town. Always! However, a quick message to Jerry Jones: PSST…you better look in that rear view mirror, there is a slew of guys in “RED” with fans gaining on you. And their WINNING too!

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