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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – I, like everyone else, fall for the hype of the NFL draft every year.

I can’t wait to watch the maneuvering and dealing done by the GMs to move up and down…all hoping to land that perfect pick. And every year I get excited when the first round draft pick is named for my team, thinking this is the guy we need to fill the needs and send us into playoff glory.

But then I have to remind myself that this is simply…the draft.

Even Mr. Hype loving and GM of our Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones said no player taken this year will determine the fate of next year’s team. While a good pick can help…most of the men chosen this weekend will be trivia questions in 5 years.

Sometimes a team can get a steal, most end up with a dud.

Which brings me to this year’s first round pick by our Cowboys. I have heard nothing but praise for Morris Claiborne the cornerback out of LSU. He is a ball hawk, has great size and is good when he gets the ball. While not incredibly fast, he runs a 4.5 which isn’t slow. The Cowboys think a lot of him, giving up a 2nd round pick to the Rams to get him. And so do my contemporaries, who as of this writing, are praising Jones for his guts and intuition in making the pick.

But to me there is one drawback, and maybe I am the only one who is complaining, but the kid is from LSU. How many times have we seen great athletes come from LSU that are projected to be playmakers but end up on the scrap heap. In fact the knock on Les Miles, coach of the Tigers, is that most of his players are not NFL ready when they get to the big leagues, and don’t amount to much in the end. In 2009 Tyson Jackson was taken 3rd overall by the Kansas City Chief, I say who?! In 2007 4 LSU guys were taken in the first round with only Dwayne Bowe having success. LaRon Landry is a serviceable safety with the Redskins, and the drafts greatest bust,  JaMarcus Russell is not even in football anymore.

The Cowboys have brushed up against LSU before in the first round. In 2005 they chose Marcus Spears with the 20th pick. While at the time the pick was praised, he never really worked out well for the boys.

I hope I am wrong and I hope Claiborne proves that he is exactly what the team needs to make the secondary better. But I am not sure. While I don’t think it means much, Mo scored a whopping 4 on the wonderlick test out of a possible 50. The worst ever recorded at the combine (that we know of). Eli Manning by contrast scored a 39 on the basic knowledge test.

So this weekend, watch for fun, debate with friends and cheer on the NFL draft. But in the end remember, there will be far more Ryan Leafs than Peyton Mannings.

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