DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – How many times have you attended a sporting event and spotted dozens of empty seats scattered across the arena? Those vacant seats are often the result of season ticket holders not attending every single game. But a Dallas company wants to take those unused tickets to do some good for others.

Instead of turning to StubHub or Craigslist or any other resale website, ticket holders can now donate their unused tickets to tix4cause.com. “Our mission is to fill every single empty seat, for charity,” said spokeswoman Allison Lehman. Ticket holders are able to select the charity that they wish to help. The website then sells the tickets, and gives 90 percent of the proceeds to that selected nonprofit organization. “It’s a wonderful feeling that they’re helping a charity, and also it’s a 100 percent write-off.”

“There’s no worse feeling for a sports fan than having to burn good seats,” said David Peters, president of Empowering Single Parents, one of many nonprofits that have benefitted from the ticket resale website. Supporter-donated tickets raised nearly $700 for the charity without the organization having to lift a finger.

Charities must sign up — for free — on the tix4cause.com website. After just two months in the Dallas area, 60 nonprofits have already registered.

And filling up the empty seats does not just benefit the charities, but it helps out the local sporting teams as well. “It’s our aspiration to actually do something for charity at each of our 24 games,” said Texas Legends president Bill Boyce. “It’s all about getting people into the venue, filling those seats up. It creates a nice, fun environment that we have here.”

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