DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The family of a 13-year-old is demanding answers from Dallas ISD. They say the girl’s arm was broken at school but it didn’t happen on a playground or even with another student.

The family claims the girl’s arm was broken in a struggle with a teacher at Zumwalt Middle School.

The girl says she was just trying to get to a bathroom but that the teacher thought she was trying to sneak into an event. Now, she has a cast and DISD has an investigation
on its hands.

Joe Evelyn Jefferson a 7th grader at Zumwalt Middle School says she ended up in a cast after a scuffle in school last Monday with a teacher.

“It was broken,” Joe Evelyn said.

The hospital confirmed it Thursday. But, that’s not the only thing that hurts to think
about it.

“That within four to six weeks, I really can’t do things for myself,” Joe Evelyn, tears beginning to stream down her face.

Her mother said, “I never knew a teacher would use that much force to hurt a child.”

Joe Evelyn says it started in the school’s cafeteria where she and other students with disciplinary problems were detained while other students watched a concert.

Then, she says, she had to use the restroom but was denied. She texted her mother.

“Before I had texted her, I had asked them more than five times,” Joe Evelyn said.

“I told her to ask nicely one more time and then to excuse herself,” her mother

Joe Evelyn said her daughter’s bladder problem is on file with the principal and her daughter’s teachers.

But Monday, Joe Evelyn said, a teacher she didn’t know tried to stop her from leaving the cafeteria.

“I asked him not to touch me,” Joe Evelyn said.

“He pushed me again. Turned me around again and threw me on my stomach,”
Joe Evelyn said.

“Taking her arm behind her to restrain her. He threw her on the floor and in that process, he pulled it up. And once he pulled it up, eventually, it snapped,” said Evelyn Jefferson.

“Cause he was saying I was trying to get up and I was fighting,” Joe Evelyn said.

Evelyn Jefferson, who filed a report with DISD Police said they told her the teacher said Joe Evelyn swung at him first with a closed hand.

In a statement, DISD said, “It is always our top priority to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff.”

But also, “The district’s policy prohibits discussing a case that is under investigation.”

What Evelyn Jefferson says she wants to know is how a 13-year-old girl, interacting with a teacher, ended up with a broken arm.

According to DISD guidelines, a district employee can apply physical restraint in order to protect himself or someone else or to restore order.

Meantime, Joe Evelyn Jefferson no longer attends Zumwalt Middle School. Her mother withdrew her from the district.

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