By J.D. Miles

McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Allegations of witness intimidation were made today in the divorce proceedings between Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar.

Witnesses have offered conflicting accounts of what went on last week when police were called to the home and arrest Pilar Sanders despite injuries that included a fractured hand and bleeding lip.

The most unexpected development of the day happened outside the courtroom.  A witness claimed Deion Sanders threatened her before she took the stand and attorneys for Deion’s wife Pilar tried to get the judge to sanction the football star.

Lisa Thomas is a piano teacher who was at the Sanders house on April 23rd to give a lesson to one of the children.    She testified today that she heard Deion Sanders repeatedly yelling ‘get out of my house!’ to Pilar on the evening of their confrontation.

Thomas told the judge she thought Deion was the aggressor, but admitted she didn’t see anything.

Before Thomas took the stand, she claimed Deion made a threatening statement toward her.    Deion’s attorneys denied he anything and the judge declined to take action.

Deion and his attorneys portrayed her as a public seeker who didn’t actually see anything.

A housekeeper who has worked in the home for the past five years told the judge she witnessed Pilar Sanders hitting the Sanders’ 10-year-old son with a belt.

“He was hiding from her because he was afraid and she would hit him with the belt,” she testified.

On Thursday, a 15-year-old friend of the Sanders’ children testified he witnessed a belt whipping during a sleepover.

Next week, the judge will hear from Deion’s first wife who still supports him.

“He’s a good father to my kids, that’s why I’m here and they love him to death,” Carolyn Sanders told members of the media.

The hearing is expected to wrap up on Monday with a judge ruling on whether to grant protective orders and which parent should get custody of the couples three young children.