MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – A judge in Collin County wants to talk to the children of Deion and Pilar Sanders, because the stories being told in court are not matching. The second day of the couple’s divorce hearing is underway on Friday morning, and much of the talk is centered around an altercation that took place on April 23.

The personal lives of these two well-known figures are being played out in a pulbic courtroom in McKinney. Both Deion and Pilar are accusing each other of bad parenting, and the saga is expected to continue, possibly, for a few more days.

A 15-year-old boy took the witness stand on Thursday night and testified that he had seen Pilar Sanders hit her 10-year-old son with a belt during a sleepover at the family’s home. Meanwhile, attorneys for Pilar are trying to paint Deion Sanders as an unfaithful husband and an absentee father. Police officers from Prosper also testified, saying that Pilar accused Deion of picking her up by the throat and slamming her against a glass wall. But police saw no visible injuries on her neck or head.

A destroyed smartphone, thought to have video of the April 23 incident on its functioning memory card, was discovered to contain no such footage.

As they walked out of the courtroom on Thursday, after the first day of the divorce hearing, both Deion and his wife’s attorney tried to put a positive spin on the day’s events, where the two sides accused each other of abuse and family violence. There is still a gag order in the case, but Deion and his wife’s attorney expressed their sentiments about the hearing’s opening day.

“We had a good day in court,” said Larry Friedman, attorney for Pilar Sanders.

“Everyday is a good day in my life,” said Deion Sanders.

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