DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A grandfather was shot and killed when a group of masked suspects charged into his southeast Dallas home with guns drawn early Sunday morning.

Dallas Police spokesman Kevin Janse said the suspects knocked on the door at Lorenzo Moreno’s residence in the 700 block of Ezekial Ave. just after midnight on Sunday. Moreno’s son answered and was attacked by a man and a woman.

Family members say the suspects wore masks and arrived at the home in a van and a truck, carrying guns and at least one baseball bat.

Janse said the son pushed the two out of the home but was then attacked by other men who were outside the home. Two women and a man then entered the residence and went after Moreno’s granddaughter  and wife.

During the fight, Janse said Moreno, 66, was shot and died at the scene. The son and granddaughter, whose names have not been released, were taken to Parkland Hospital. Family members took the grandmother to Parkland, as well.

All three were released by Sunday afternoon.

Janse said Moreno’s granddaughter and one of the women suspects “have had an ongoing feud for several months.”  Family members and neighbors say the girl is 15-years-old.

Janse expected the department to file a capital murder charge and three aggravated assault charges on those involved. The suspects have not been identified.