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An Ode To The Mavs' Pratfall From Champs To Chumps
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It started on Christmas, with the raising of a banner;
But the Mavs’ sequel was tainted, in all sorts of manner.

No Chandler, no Barea, no Stevenson nor Butler;
Didn’t recognize those replacements that sucked as much as Jay Cutler.

Dirk wasn’t in shape, and we were forced to rely on Vince Carter;
At one point we actually thought Lamar Odom would be a quality starter.

Jason Terry was distracted by his contract, focused on Cut The Check;
His play meandered, prompting us to scream What The Fuu … Heck?!

Some players sucked and others simply weren’t good;
Then, several notches below, was a center named Brendan Haywood.

Roddy’s dad died, and Delonte West fractured his finger;
But no one more than Odom, caused Dallas’ hangover to linger.

Personal sadness aside, the guy didn’t even try;
What, he’s gonna let lost loved ones prompt an eternal cry?

His play was crappy and his body was doughy;
And don’t get me started on the fake “star” Khloe.

The Mavs tripped into the playoffs, one stumble leading to another blunder;
And ran into a youthful buzzsaw, named the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A Game 1 quirky bounce led to a historic sweep;
Now Dallas has time to watch more HBO, I think their new show is called VEEP?

Still not convinced the 2011 title was any sort of fluke;
But to contend again in 2013, the Mavs will have to pull a serious roster juke.

Come July 1 the Mavs’ signed players will be only five;
To land Deron Williams will take some serious recruiting jive.

I’m not blaming Mark Cuban, and I don’t think fans understand all the facts;
To bring back last year’s roster, would be ultimate suicide via CBA repeater tax.

Dirk needs a co-star, luckily the Mavs have tons of salary-cap cash;
But surely we can do better than a return of 38-year-old Steve Nash.

Chris Paul is in L.A. and Dwight Howard is off the market;
It’s either sign Williams, or take the Mavs’ bandwagon and park it.

A bummer summer is nye upon us, causing us to pout;
On the heels of a championship season, Mavs’ fans are suddenly all out.

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