DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Gay marriage supporters planning for a protest had to quickly change their plans on Wednesday.

“Thank you” was added to signs. President Barack Obama campaign t-shirts from 2008 reading “progress” were quickly thrown on. They had planned to rally against North Carolina voters passing a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Instead it became a rally for presidential support of gay marriage that they had never had before.

“I think it’s going to rejuvenate our movement,” said Jacob Gerber. “Its going to get a lot of people who are questioning where we stand with this administration back behind him.”

Gerber and his partner Brandon Kirk joined more than 50 others on the corner of Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs Wednesday night. Gerber and Kirk said they will celebrate one year of marriage next week. It’s not recognized by Texas, however.

“It wouldn’t change our relationship but it would protect our rights as a couple,” Kirk said.

Rafael McDonnell with the Resource Center of Dallas said most gay marriage supporters believed Obama was with them, but it helped tremendously to hear him say it.

“Now finally we have clearly, uneqcuivocally support for marriage equality by the leader of the united states,” McDonnell said. “This is a historic moment.”

It was seen as a historic but disappointing decision from the President in the eyes of evangelical leaders. Dr. Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship said it affects the definition of the family.

“The president has demonstrated himself to be compassionate. Hes demonstrated himself to be articulate and he has a lot of great attributes, but on this one, he’s dead wrong,” Evans said.

Dr. Robert Jeffress at the First Bapitist Church in Dallas said it could further polarize political parties.

“I think President Obama embraces same sex marriage probably doesn’t surprise his base or even his political opponents. I do think it gives Republicans a great opportunity to contrast themselves.”

Catherine Frazier, spokeswoman for Governor Rick Perry said Wednesday night the Governor is more proud of North Carolina voters taking steps to ban gay marriage.

“Once again, it’s clear that President Obama’s political ideology doesn’t line up with the will of the voters,” she said.