DALLAS (KRLD) – Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has been cleared of any ethics violations after supporting a school board candidate.

Mayor Rawlings said all along that his support for a school board candidate came as a citizen of Dallas not as the Mayor.

School Board candidate, Damarcus Offord, filed the ethics claim after Rawlings threw his support behind Offord’s opponent, Bernadette Nutell.

Now Mayor Rawlings says that people need to show support for their candidate in the school board elections on Saturday, May 12.

Rawlings says the local elections are the most vital of all, because they affect property taxes, schools, crime and the health of the community. He says people need to be engaged, because, “otherwise we’re going to be that proverbial frog in the boiling pot that gets hotter and hotter and we say what happens to our schools, what happened to our city.”

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Rawlings also says he fully supports the new plan laid out by the new Dallas ISD Superintendent, Mike Miles, which calls for tougher and more frequent evaluations of teachers and principals.

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