MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – The Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce case gets another look on Tuesday morning by a judge at the Collin County Courthouse, with the Sanders children at the center of it all. The couple will ask the judge for a visitation schedule, allowing both parents to see their two sons and daughter.

The kids are currently split up between the parents — Deion has been granted temporary custody of the two sons while Pilar has the daughter. Both parents want to be able to visit with all three children, and that is what the Tuesday court hearing will address.

The divorce proceedings became headlines last month when police were called out to the couple’s home in Prosper, in order to help contain a violent altercation between Deion and Pilar. Last week, the judge ruled that Deion could stay in the home. Pilar must stay at least 500 yards away. But both sides maintain that the other committed assault. The judge found no evidence to support those assault claims.

A gag order was also lifted, permitting Deion and Pilar to talk publicly about their very contentious divorce. Deion made an appearance on the CBS daytime show “The Talk,” but he did not discuss the divorce. However, Pilar did speak openly with CBS 11 News. “I’ve never put my children up to filing reports on him,” she said, referring to an infamous tweet where Deion showed the world a photograph of his kids filing police reports related to the April altercation. “Who does that? Who tweets about their children supposedly witnessing anything, and trying to stand against a parent just so you can get an edge on a divorce proceedings, just so you can get an edge on finances? What man in the world does something like that?”

There will be a full custody hearing, but that has not been scheduled yet. Tuesday’s hearing will only address temporary visitation.

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