DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – A long rap sheet was aired in a Dallas County courtroom Tuesday as a jury deliberated whether to sentence 27-year-old Roderick Harris to death.

The prosecution paraded witnesses who have crossed paths with Harris in the years leading up to the 2009 shooting that killed two brothers, which Harris was convicted of last week.

The punishment phase of the trial began Tuesday. Jurors took about five hours to find him guilty of the crime on May 8.

While on the stand, former Dallas Police Officer Matthew Passmore recalled Harris lying to him about his name during a traffic stop.

“I thought it was unusual when I went to the driver’s side window and I’m asking the driver for his identification and he couldn’t produce a driver’s license,” Passmore told the jury. “I then asked his name and he repeated the saying, “Who, me?” Which I thought was odd because he was the only one in the vehicle.”

On May 8, the jury convicted Harris of killing the brothers Alfredo and Carlos Gallardo during a home invasion. The 27-year-old entered the home and confronted six family members inside, demanding wallets and valuables.

The brothers were shot and killed while defending their family after Harris attempted to force all of them into a closet.

Harris made out with $2 and a ring in the fatal robbery.

Prosecutors also told the jury Harris has been linked to a 2006 armed robbery and a murder on March 3, 2009.

In an effort to paint Harris as a habitual criminal, prosecutors also had Passmore testify about finding guns and bullets in his vehicle.

“During a search, I found a cigarette box that had some ammunition in it,” the former officer testified. “While I’m searching the suspect, (another) officer … then found a gun in the vehicle.”