By Jeff Cavanaugh, 105.3 The Fan

The Glorious Tidbit: Yep, that’s what I named my blog. Just now.

Little of this, little of that….

Watching the Ranger game, eating a cold cut. Ham, no turkey, and Arnie ate the last slice of American cheese I had. Which is against roommate code I think. I bought it, the last of it should always be mine.

Anyway, anyone find it odd that Colby Lewis is able to throw the baseball absolutely perfect (and by perfect I mean in an ideal spot for a hitter to hit a home run) to home plate, but can’t get it within 6 feet of first base when he has to throw someone out? Maybe he should go with the windup after fielding a groundball.

In other Ranger news, I saw the bat Josh hit his 4 homers in a game with is headed to the Hall of Fame, but if 16 other guys have done that, does that mean there’s like a “4 homers in game Wing” of the Hall? Does that mean there are 21 perfect game balls? Or 200+ no hitter balls? How many square feet is the Hall of Fame anyway? That settles it, I’m going to research the square footage of the Hall as well as the random things inside that place.

Moving on….

I am now emotionally invested in the Miami Heat/Indiana Pacers series. Hate when this happens. The Pacers if you aren’t watching, are being forced to try and beat two of the best players in the game, plus the refs. The ridiculous flopping of Wade and Lebron has spread to include all of their teammates, and it makes me want to take off my pinky toe with a plastic spork. Please please please basketball Gods, act right, don’t let the Heat win a title. Ever.

On the bright side, right now there’s less than a minute in the game and Lebron has choked and missed 3 free throws in the last couple of minutes, so that’s like a rainbow wrapped in sunshine with skittles littered on the ground to me.

Last thing, and this will require listener help here. I know where to go on Tuesdays to stretch my meal money by getting 2 pieces of chicken for 99 cents. But the other days of the week, I don’t know where to find a quality meal for very little dollars. Let me know via twitter @JC1053. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

PS Dwayne Wade just missed a lay up to tie the game and no one was within 12 feet of him (give or take) and he still flailed about like he’d been shot, and for once, no call! Happiness inside.

I’m not gonna end the blog until the game ends.

Still watching.

Chalmers for 3.

No good.

Heat lose. It’s a good day.

End of the Glorious Tidbit volume 5-15-12.