By John Villarreal, 105.3 The Fan

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – I offer you a different perspective that could unlock an entirely new world for you. Too often in life we miss out on things simply because we misjudge them.

I’ll give you an example, I recently discovered gardening!

You are probably saying to yourself that’s women’s work or whatever else ignorant can come to your mind. Guys are supposed to drink beer,  go to bikini car washes, pop fireworks and sexually harass our secretaries (OK , maybe not so much on the last part)…But I get it guys, I really I do!

I’ll give you an example of when gardening can become a manly exercise?

I’ll tell you I have searched the world looking for ways to relieve my stress and anxiety.

I have tried everything from over the counter-meds, prescription drugs and hippie new-age remedies but they all fell short.

After recently moving into my first house, I dreaded having to landscape and mow what was essentially a disaster zone. After enough complaining from the wife, I finally began the work and hours rolled by into what seemed like minutes and before I knew it, I was stress free and my anxiety was non-existent.

Who would have thought that digging your fingers into soil could be so fulfilling?

Guys deal with a lot of stress and if you are like me, the last thing you want to do is talk about it.

If you find that you are that type of guy, go plant a tree or a whole bunch of shrubs or something until you are covered in sweat and see if you are still stressed.

Maybe this is kind of like going to the gym and working it off, but for most of us, the gym is way off our radar and probably not a legitimate option.

So guys your answer is gardening!

I planted a peach tree and I look at thing with great pride knowing my hands put that organism in the ground. It looks like it’s dying and the peaches are wilting but dammit it’s mine!

Also, you can get a nice work out, and the ultimate win of all is you score some good brownie points with the Mrs.

Nothing better than getting that nag off your back (just kidding ladies).

Who knows, you could find yourself in for some nice reward sex for making the yard look so nice and there is nothing more manly than sex.