PROSPER (CBSDFW.COM) – Prosper Police say more arrests are possible from a gang rape investigation that already involves five high school students.

Documents related to the investigation should be released Wednesday evening, police say.

The affidavit release could shed more light on what went on at a party in Prosper where teenaged boys are accused of forcing themselves on a 16-year-old girl.

Two 17-year-old McKinney residents, Garrick White and Darius Hunter, along with two juveniles, are charged with Sexual Assault of a Child. The fifth underage suspect faces an Unlawful Restraint of a Child charge. Hunter is the child of Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter.

Youtube video posted by Prosper High School students promotes parties called “Team Snapback,” which Collin County prosecutors have suggested in court promote sex and drug use. (The linked video contains language that may be offensive to some.)

It was at one of those parties that five teenage boys, including two popular athletes, allegedly forced the girl.

Students say Team Snapback refers to a fastened baseball cap and has no connection to sex or drugs.

“Team Snapback was not created as a rape group, it was not created as an affiliation with drugging girls and having sex with them,” said a student who asked not to be identified. “It was created because snapbacks got real popular again and it became a fashion statement. They created it as a way to say we like snapbacks were going to wear them.”

The student says the police investigation is dividing the high school over who is telling the truth.

During a hearing in court Tuesday, some of the accused claimed they had consensual sex with three 15 and 16 year old girls at a party on May 4 and denied the charges against them.

Police say they expect more arrests and more alleged victims to come forward.

“We anticipate that due to the nature of the cases that we’re investigating and due to the information that is coming in,” said Asst. Chief Gary McHone of the Prosper Police Department

Police say they are receiving “a lot of information” that could expand this investigation.