By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry


This last full week of May will feature above average temperatures with increasing winds by mid-week.  As for rain chances, slim to none.  And the slim chance comes this evening and tomorrow.  Average high for this time of year is around 85 to 86 degrees.


There is a weak cold front that has slid just south of DFW this afternoon.  You wouldn’t know it because temperatures are still very warm.  But there was a subtle wind shift with winds light out of the North here this afternoon.  There is a small chance a few very isolated showers and thunderstorms could pop up this evening, but the chance is less than 20%.



This cold front will move back north as a warm front tomorrow.  There is a slim chance a storm could develop along that front tomorrow, but again rain chances will be less than 20%.



Winds will increase out of the south starting on Wednesday and it will remain breezy thru the weekend with south winds generally 15 to 25 mph each day.  Temperatures will heat up too.  We will see highs in the 90 to 93 degree range Wednesday thru the weekend and even on Memorial Day.  No rain chances at all during this time frame.



Despite having a nice break from the heat during the middle of the month, as it stands now this is the 12th Warmest May on Record.



Meteorological Spring is defined as March, April and May.  As we wrap up Meteorological Spring we currently stand as the second warmest Spring on Record.  We may come close to topping that list as above average temperatures will persist thru the end of the month.

TONIGHT… Very isolated shower or storm possible.  Rain chances well less than 20%.  Low of 65. N 5-10 mph

TOMORROW… Mostly sunny, very isolated shower possible.  Rain chance 10%.  High of 90.  E/SE 5-10 mph

WEDNESDAY… Mostly sunny.  Hot and breezy.  Low of 68.  High of 92.  S 15-25 mph

THURSDAY…  Mostly sunny.  Hot and breezy.  Low of 71.  High of 92.  S 15-25 mph

FRIDAY… Mostly sunny.  Hot and breezy.  Low of 72.  High of 93.  S 15-20 mph

SATURDAY… Mostly sunny.  Hot and breezy.  Low of 72.  High of 93.  S 15-20 mph

SUNDAY… Mostly sunny.  Hot and still breezy.  Low of 72.  High of 90.  S 10-20 mph

MEMORIAL DAY… Mostly sunny.  Hot and breezy.  Low of 70.  High of 91.  S 10-20 mph