McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – One day after McKinney police busted a major burglary ring, officers were still removing stolen merchandise from a large home in Parker. There was so much to haul away, that police brought in a moving van to transport the evidence.

Andrew McMullen lives next door and was there when his neighbor, Paul Kelso, was arrested. “I didn’t know what to think. They [police] had my car blocked in,” recalled McMullen.”I was uncomfortable seeing people in handcuffs on the yard. The cops kept showing up,” he added.

McKinney Police believe Kelso is responsible for dozens of home burglaries over the past year, and officers say they have a mountain of evidence to prove it.

Police spent Thursday tagging and entering hundreds of stolen items into their system. They seized more than 200 guns. From high-powered rifles to handguns to assault weapons, the police evidence room looked more like a weekend gun show.

photo11 McKinney Police Seize Hundreds Of Guns In Burglary Bust

McKinney police inspect, tag and identify each of the stolen weapons from a cache of 200 recovered in a recent bust (Jay Gormley/CBSDFW)

Detectives say there were so many weapons inside the house, that they had to step over or walk around the guns to get to more guns. “This is pretty rare. This is probably the largest recovery of this kind that I’ve seen,” said Deputy Chief J.H. Ellenburg.

photo10 McKinney Police Seize Hundreds Of Guns In Burglary Bust

Over 200 guns seized by McKinney Police after breaking up a burglary ring (Jay Gormley/CBSDFW)

Police also seized thousands of rounds of ammunition as well as jewelry, expensive guitars, bicycles, TVs and countless other household items.

Detectives say they went to Kelso’s home in the 4300 block of Red Oak Circle in Parker after a nine-month investigation.

Kelso’s neighbors say the 61-year-old had been renting the house for about a year and was living there with his wife and son. Neighbors say Kelso told them he was a retired movie producer.

Investigators believe he may be tied to other home burglaries in several cities in Collin County. Police also believe there are other suspects involved in the burglary ring.

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