COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM)Just a few weeks ago there were some very bitter divorce hearings between Deion Sanders and wife Pilar. Today the pair were back in court — fighting.

During the hearing Pilar tried to get Deion jailed, accusing him of being a deadbeat dad.

It took only three weeks for the former Dallas Cowboy and his estranged wife to return to court accusing each other of violating a judge’s orders in their divorce case.

“I didn’t get my kids last week,” Deion claimed. “I never had my items returned last week.”

Last month’s highly publicized hearing over child support, custody and allegations of domestic abuse led to a ruling that had both sides claiming victory. But that was then.

Tuesday Pilar testified that she’s destitute, because Deion did not meet a June 1st deadline to make the first of his $10,000 a month child support payments.

Her attorneys also said Deion has yet to pay the $275,000 he was ordered to pay them and they wanted $50,000. Their request was denied.

“They got some bloodsucking attorneys and they just want more money,” Deion said during the hearing. “They’re in there talking about more fees. More fees? Are you kidding me?”

Deion spoke with CBS 11 News after the hearing that also included allegations he violated a gag order last month, by conducting multiple television and radio interviews.

The judge ruled the gag order was voluntary and refused to punish him for that or for discontinuing payments on Pilar’s credit cards, which he says, was within his rights.

The couple continues to fight over Deion’s extensive traveling, often with their three young children.

The judge refused all of Pilar’s requests to sanction her husband, who handed over his first child support check at the courthouse and questioned the need for yet another hearing.

“You can’t feel good. There’s always casualties in any battle,” Deion said. “We’re wasting taxpayers money man. I mean there’s hard working people out there paying for this foolishness.”

Pilar and her attorneys left the courthouse without comment.

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