By Jack Fink

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – In April of last year, hail pounded Hill Pratt’s Farmers Branch home –– or, as he tells it, “it was like being in the middle of a bombing raid.”

Pratt said he didn’t think anything of it until a contractor came knocking on his door, pointing out that his roof was damaged. So Pratt called his insurance agent, who came to inspect the roof with the contractor.

“They walked the roof, they agreed there had been hail damage, everything seemed to be on the up-and-up,” Pratt said.

He says his insurance company approved replacing the roof for more than $10,000. He says he then hired David Ewer and his company Remodeling Happens –– and then gave him more than $2,300 as a deductible.

“He said we can get out and do the work right away, but it didn’t happen. So I called again, it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen. I continued to call, ‘oh yeah, I’m going to have my guys come out, we just have to let these storms pass,’ and it just stretched out and out and out and then eventually, he stopped calling me back,” Pratt said.

To this day, Pratt says he never got his money back.

“I’d love to have my $2,300 back,” he said.

Pratt filed a complaint with the Dallas branch of the Better Business Bureau. He’s not alone. A Coppell woman also filed a similar complaint against Ewer and his company.

Jennifer Bunting says Ewer’s company came to her Coppell neighborhood too. She and her husband hired them last year to replace their roof. She said they even signed their insurance check for nearly $6,000 over to the company.

Bunting says Ewer agreed to replace the roof last October.

“Nothing happened in October,” Bunting said.

This past April, she says she sent Ewer a demand letter and that he sent her a refund in a money order for $3,200 –– half of what she says they gave him.

“Which is not enough to get a new roof, so I still don’t have my new roof,” Bunting said.

CBS 11 visited Ewer’s listed office in Addison, but he wasn’t there. We tracked him down in Houston. In a phone conversation, Ewer said he wanted to resolve the issue with Bunting. When asked about Hill Pratt’s complaint, he said he’d call back.

But he didn’t.

We called Ewer two more times Friday night before the 10 p.m. newscast and received no response.

The Better Business Bureau in Dallas gives his company, Remodeling Happens, a C+ rating.

The BBB says homeowners should do their homework before hiring a contractor as well as get two or three total bids. Look here for more detailed information about what to do when a home is damaged by severe weather.