FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – At Cook Children’s hospital, Trey King is trying to get through another Monday.

It’s been a long road for the 18-year-old Crowley High School student.

“To not be at home it’s really difficult I think as soon as I get out of here it will be a lot better,” says King. “I usually calm myself down with that.”

King spent his entire senior year at the hospital. He even graduated from there several weeks ago.

His greatest joy was that his family, friends, doctors and nurses packed the auditorium at the hospital for his graduation ceremony. He walked in wearing his purple graduation gown and using a walker and was handed his diploma.

“The ceremony here was a lot of better than if I was going to be at graduation.  One thing you don’t have to wait for all 400 or 500 people to get called.   I was the only one getting called,” says King smiling.

King has fought leukemia.

Then he had a relapse and had to have a bone marrow transplant, which his body rejected.

“We are not out of the woods yet from complications following his bone marrow transplant,” said Dr. Gretchen Eames with Cook Children’s Medical Director.

He’s been in the hospital this time for five months, three weeks and a day.

He’s been working hard with his physical therapist to get better and has even picked up crocheting to pass the time.

“He’s really become a role model for all our other patients,” says Dr. Eames. “He even cheers our nursing staff when they are not having a very good day.”

His graduation gift was something he couldn’t accomplish from the hospital. King plays the tuba and wanted to march with his band his senior year, but since he couldn’t leave the hospital the school band came to him and he played his heart out.

He says he has a good attitude because even though he’s been through so much he’s grateful.

“It’s the way my parents taught me from when I was a kid always look for the bright side and if there is no bright side think of your favorite thing and you will usually get through the days faster,” says King.

King’s recovery will be long.

He’s planning on starting college in the next few months and wants to eventually become a nurse.