10. While LeBron had leg cramps, it was Russell Westbrook who suffered the brain cramp.

9. Dwyane Wade had his look-at-me drama, falling and failing as though he’d broken his back after having a shot blocked by Serge Ibaka. But I’m thinking he was secretly jealous of LeBron’s leg cramps and all the accompanying attention.

8. James hit a big 3-pointer with around 2 minutes to go, but I thought the biggest shot in Game 4 was the corner triple by Norris Cole at the end of the 1st quarter. Pulled Miami within 33-19 and gave them a reason for hope.

7. Saw a Tweet this morning: King James just refuses to lose! Really? If refusing to lose can be accomplished by spending the final minute out of the game and lying on your back then, yep, he nailed it last night.

6. Westbrook is a monster. 43 points in Game 4. But, again, he shows his lack of basketball IQ in fouling Mario Chalmers after the jump ball. OKC might not have won – they still would’ve needed a stop, a rebound and a last-second 3-pointer just to force overtime – but Westbrook not knowing the situation cost them any chance.

5. First lense-less frame spectacles, now Wade is wearing glasses with those purple flip-up lenses like Dwayne Wayne in A Different World from the ‘90s. Just when you think it isn’t possible to hate him with more intensity.

4. James Harden, what the what?! Last two games in Miami the super sub is 4 of 20, including only 1 of 9 on 3-pointers. He’s been horrible.

3. Mavs fans can be found these days with palms up, as if to ask “Where was this Thunder team?” Remember how in Games 1, 2 and 4 against Dallas how OKC executed flawlessly down the stretch? That team is long gone.

2. LeBron and Durant and Westbrook have been great in this series. The difference? Miami has won games because of Shane Battier and Chalmers. No one saw that coming.

1. It’s over. Teams falling behind 3-1 in The NBA Finals are 0-30.

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