photo 8 Mayor Price Returns To City Hall After Bike Accident

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price returned to work on June 20, 2012, days after falling off her bike and breaking her collarbone. (Credit: Chuck Schechner/1080 KRLD)

FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) – Clutching her cracked helmet and her arm in a sling, Mayor Betsy Price walked back into City Hall for work Wednesday for the first time since breaking her collarbone during a bike accident.

“Without a helmet,” she said, “I probably wouldn’t be here for this interview.”

Last Saturday, Price and her husband were riding their bikes along a trail in East Fort Worth. They were 20 miles into a 33-mile ride when the mayor hit a patch of gravel and took a nasty spill.

The fall knocked her unconscious, leaving her concussed with a broken collarbone. On Wednesday, the mayor said she felt good other than a bit of blurred vision.

She says doctors have told her that side effect will dissipate in the coming days. Then she joked a bit about her predicament.

“My husband said, ‘She’s perfect fine, she’s been hard headed all the 40 years we’ve been married; anyone else would’ve been killed, but not this hard-head,’” she said.

Despite the spill, Price said she isn’t giving up biking. She says the Tarrant Regional Water District has already repaired the ruts she blames for the fall. On top of that, her husband used carefully placed markers to direct emergency crews to their location.

photo14 Mayor Price Returns To City Hall After Bike Accident

Mayor Betsy Price’s helmet after she fell off her bike. (Credit: Joel Thomas/KTVT)

But most importantly, bicycling is way to learn more about the city of Fort Worth and its residents, she says. It’s important for a mayor to be on the ground level with them, as it increases comfort in bringing issues to her, she said.

“People come up and always say, if you’re stupid enough to show up in spandex in public, people will tell you anything in the world, and they do,” Price said. “They tell you all kinds of things. And now they’ll probably tell me to ride a little safer.”