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with apologies to opie taylor..or richie choose…the arlington nine are in the midst of 16 of next 19 at ballpark..playing some real soft-bellies..15-4 is the number..anything less against those sub.500 dregs is unacceptable…as if nfl commish raj goodell needs another the zebras have filed an unlawful labor practice suit..they claim the nfl bullies are passing out inaccurate and misleading info to the refs union..of course..the nfl crooks deny everything..and then throw a few sticks of dynamite on situation by threatening to hire replacement field’s so nice to see all the labor peace going on in americas favorite sport…so let me get this straight..the city of new york bans any drink over 16 now I buy two 12 ounce’rs and gulp down 24 instead of move new amstredam…sad passing in the sports art world..the great leroy neiman checked out..he chronicled the sports landscape for 50 years..his best work came from the olympics..also illustrated in playboy..he was favorite of hef..dead at 91…check the temperature in might be icing down there..bcs bigwigs have approved a playoff system for a college gridiron championship..don’t get too’ll call for a 4 team playoff..then winners to square off in title game..the championship game will go to city with highest sports opinion..the first climax game will be in jerry’s shiny new ballyard out in word if gypsy jerry will bring in a new set of bleachers to squeeze extra cash out of rabid fandom…yep..i said it on RAGE this week…RG3 is better than tony romo..given the choice..I take the baylor dude right call me crazy now..but you’ll call me correct in january…TRIVIA TIME…we all know tcu’s bob lilly was the cowboys first ever draft pick..who was their  second pick?? (hint..he also played in the southwest conference) answer later…so scooter feldman is boo-hooing about being dropped from rotation..1-6 with a six point oh era..says he’s not happy..stop sucking and you might get back to the hill..if you continue to be a can set down roots in round rock…i was very happy to see dale jr win on the nascar caravan..143 races since he took a checkered flag..good for him..the stock car circuit is better when he stewart threw out some bad karma..seemed green with envy..all i know is texas motor speedway 5-star general eddie gossage told me that the landlines were ringing off the hook right after race..north texas gear-heads wanna see them some dale jr in november at the triple-a texas 500..speaking of emperor eddie..tonight they roll out their terrific friday night up at tms..and you can race your jalopy..I’m gonna show up in a bob-tail truck and see what eddie says…”locked and loaded lyrics” to chew on..” the ship was the pride of the american side, coming back from some mill in the big freighters go, it was bigger than most..with a crew and captain was seasoned”…I have worries and doubts about the new biop movie on the life of guitar god jimi hendrix..this is a story that has needed to be told for a long time..that outkast cat andre 3000 is portraying the great james marshall hendrix..don’t know if i trust him with such a heavy character pay-load..i would have opted for lenny kravitz…so by my mediocre mathematical skills..I see the score millionaire athletes–3..incompetent us prosecutors– 0..a big fat zero..7 years stalking barry bonds..5 years chasing rajah clemens and 3 years tracking cycle-man lance “live”-strong”..15 years and over $21million dollars minor conviction..21 mil??..can’t uncle sam find a better allocation of funds…if you’re feeling down..pop in a james taylor cd..that’ll cure ya…TRIVIA ANSWER..texas tech stud lineback ej holub was the cowboys second ever draft pick..but he spurned tex and tom for the hated crosstown rival dallas texans..who would soon skip out on big d and land in kansas know em now as the may watch him on the worldwide leader in the am..but count me out on skip bayless..worst human being I’ve ever known..worst teammate I’ve ever had..he’s as crooked as a barrel of snakes…I’m counting the days till cowboys camp..until we meet again..jump in the rice paddy and let’s backstroke the mekong delta…

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