ARLINGTON (CBS SPORTS) – Right-hander Roy Oswalt will join the Rangers on Friday and make his 2012 debut against the Rockies. That, of course, means that someone in the current Ranger rotation must go.

Someone, thy name is Scott Feldman, who’s now on his way back to the Texas bullpen.

It should come as no shock that Feldman is not particularly pleased about the change of role. “I’m not happy,” he told ESPN Dallas. “Basically, telling me that I’m not in the plans for the second time this year, spring training and then now, that’s fine, if I’m not in their plans. But it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.”

Feldman has a 6.43 ERA after eight starts this season and a 3.86 ERA in five relief appearances, so that surely plays into the thinking.

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