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with apologies to the great gazoo…the range-men of the ballpark corral seem to be getting the wagons headed in the right direction..nothing like feasting on a few sub .500 dead road it’s time josh ham gets on the stick..his pistols and saddle rifle has been misfiring lately..still among league lead pups in many batting slots..but he’s overdue for a tear-up-your-ass massacre hitting spree…and how can we talk joshie without mentioning the new movie proposal..seems the life and times of jham coming to a silver screen near you..i’ve not a clue who plays 32..but I do know the beverages of choice at the wrap party..ginger ale and coke…uh..coca cola that is…so the spurs little french point guard was involved in a bar skirmish in the big apple..rumors are flying that he almost lost an naturally..he’s suing the bar for $20 mil..those french frogs are really good at getting an ass whipping..then blaming someone else..(see world history!)…I am not a fan of NASCAR’s road race me it takes the fun out of seeing those multi-colored missiles fly around the track..props to clint bowyer for the win at  sonoma..but I prefer the’s what I want..let’s get texas motor speedway top-gun eddie gossage to sanction a road race around dfw..all cars must circumnavigate both 820 and 635..and do it during rush hour traffic..I see your wheels turning eddie..I know you like this idea..and kenton..I know you’re cussing me right now…we are inside 40 days till olympics..and I can’t wait..justin gatlin and tyson gay both posted career bests in it’s a dash for the silver medal..supersonic human usain bolt has firm grip on gold..and ut longhorn footballer marquis goodwin is headed to london in long jump..jumping far in austin is always handy when those pesky cap cities cops are on your trail…TRIVIA TIME…who was the first cowboy to return a kickoff for touchdown (answer later)…the colony’s own dwill says its a race between the nets and the mavs for his point guard service..time for cubes to polish up plane..more electronic gear in lockers and buy some fluffier towels..this will be a recruiting war to rival barry switzer and darrell royal ducking it out over earl campbell…I love to hear this..santa clara county is pulling back $30 million earmarked for the 49ers new bosses say that money could be better spent paying teachers and cops..way to go santa got it right…ive not much to say on jerry sandusky case..he was convicted on 45 counts of sex abuse..I still say he should have done the noble thing and killed himself..yes KILLED HIMSELF!..would have saved many from re-living the horrors from the perverted we countdown the time till some con puts a shank in his cold dark heart…this should make for a lively tailgate party..p-diddy’s kid signs with usc to play football..while fellow hip-hop meister snoop dog’s son signs with ucla..not sure how the second generations will do on gridiron..but both should master frat parties in bong contests…locked and loaded lyrics to chew on…”well I came upon a child of God, he was walking along the road..and I asked him tell where are you going..this he told me..said I’m going down to yasgur’s farm, gonna join in a rock and roll band”…the nhl draft was held..canadians..some russians and a few euros were selected..that’s all I know…i’ll take sudden brakes on your ticker for $500 alex..answer is heart attack…how much dough would you have lost on this..rross..scooter feldman..tateyama all have more wins than clifford lee..yep..he’s 0-4…I think the fat black dude on miller high life commercials is hilarious..TRIVIA ANSWER..amos marsh went coast to coast for the cowboys first ever kickoff return for td way back in 1962..(it was also the first return for 100+ yards)…have I mentioned that slime-jockey jerry sandusky should have off’d himself..if not..I wish he’d done it…until we meet again..meander through the meadow and zip up the sleeping’s nite-nite time…

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